22 June 2021

The essential sun care routine

by Juliette Weiss

NOW fait le point sur la bonne routine à adopter, histoire de miser sur des coups de cœur plutôt que sur des coups de soleil …

Every year, it’s the same story, we dream of a sun-kissed skin that lasts, lasts … and then comes the disillusionment and the “come back” of the pale complexion at the beginning of the school year.
So this summer be inspired:


The ideal is to start preparing your skin as early as spring, to put all the chances on your side.
To do this, we rely on a diet rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E. We consume fish (fatty), cheese, egg yolks, and especially we bet on colored fruits and vegetables to fill up with carotenoids. Vitamin E can be found in sunflower oil, hazelnuts and pine nuts. Vitamin E acts in synergy with selenium and zinc for an anti-aging effect that is perfect for preparing the skin. You can also choose food supplements to boost your system, but above all, don’t forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day for deep hydration!

Before the beach

Scrubbing & moisturizing

A classic in beauty routines, scrubs help eliminate dead skin and ensure a better tan. Essential if you want to keep your legs tanned until September! Start with a complete body scrub, once a week.

Our allies? The Konjac sponge to be found at Béa Boutique with its many beauty virtues, it exfoliates but also promotes blood circulation and prevents ingrown hairs. A winning combo!

We also love Shiseido’s Gentle Body Scrub: A high-performance body scrub to remove all dead cells. Unbeatable.

Finally, we particularly like the apricot exfoliating cream by Biences Swiss Cosmetics. With its fruity scent, this scrub deeply cleanses your skin, for a soft skin before sun exposure!

Konjac sponge ©Béa Boutique
Gentle Scrub ©Shiseido
Exfoliating cream ©Biences

Once the scrub is finished, operation intense hydration.

Our favorites hydration ?

The Hydra Mask from Biences Swiss Cosmetics has protective, moisturizing, nourishing and healing properties and is recommended for dehydrated skin. A must have that we use and abuse.

For a lighter moisturizing, day care style, we opt for Clarins and the Hydra Essentiel Spf15 cream. Organic kalanchoe extract, a powerful natural hydration activator, boosts the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid.

Hydra Mask ©Biences
Hydra Essential Cream Spf15 ©Clarins

And finally, without surprise, the main condition to respect in order to get ready to tan safely is to expose yourself gradually.

At the beach

Once our skin is well prepared, we expose ourselves in a responsible way to respect our sun captal, and we make sure not to do it between 12 and 4 pm.

If you were planning to reuse the sunscreen that was lying around in your beach bag from last year, forget it.
Indeed, sun creams have a limited lifespan like all cosmetic products. It is very important to change them regularly and to choose one adapted to your skin tone and type. Don’t panic, we reveal our favorites to tan safely!

One opts for the satin mist of Avène: High solar protection for the sensitive skins, one likes its satin and continuous spray and its proven effectiveness!

As for the texture, we love Clarins’ UVA/UVB 30 Sun Body Oil-in-Brume. With its signature scent and protection from drying effects, we also like its glowy finish…

Lastly, we coat our hair with Mavala’s Tanoa Frangipani Oil with the scent of the Pacific Islands. It attenuates the drying effects of sea or pool water and provides the skin with softness and suppleness. You’ll have the lengths of a mermaid…

Satin Mist SPF30 ©Avène
Huile-en-Brume Solaire ©Clarins
Tanoa Frangipani Oil ©Mavala

Remember: If your sunscreen is not waterproof, don’t forget to reapply it after each swim.

Back from the beach …

To limit long-term damage, such as wrinkles, marks and pigmentation spots, opt for one of the ultra-competent skin care products and conscientiously apply your after-sun routine.

Every evening, remove sunscreens with a real cleansing product after exposure: a simple rinse with water is not enough. Then, carefully apply thick layers of after-sun care on the areas at risk (neckline, face, feet, hands, neck) – For this, we trust Avene After-Sun Repair Milk Gel or Shiseido Intensive Repair Milk.

After-sun repairer ©Avène
Intensive After Sun Repair Lotion ©Shiseido

After this shock treatment, apply a less greasy cream all over your body and finish with a moisturizing oil on your face.

Good to know: the apricot and carrot oils, in addition to their moisturizing and nourishing properties, slightly tint the skin, just to boost its breath a little more…

Exfoliating cream with apricot extracts, Biences Swiss Cosmetics

Hydra Essential Cream Spf15, Clarins

Tanoa Frangipani Oil, Mavala

Gentle Body Scrub, Shiseido

Satin Mist SPF30, Avene

Konjac sponge, Béa Boutique

Hydra Mask, Biences Swiss Cosmetics

Huile-en-Brume Solaire Corps UVA/UVB 30, Clarins

After-Sun Repair Gel, Avene

Intensive After Sun Repair Lotion, Shiseido