Biences Swiss Cosmetics

Founded in Marly (FR) in 1989 by Patrick and Sylvia Gasser, Biences Swiss Cosmetics has quickly become a major player in the Swiss cosmetics industry. Thanks to a range of products 100% designed and produced in Switzerland, the family business defends the values of proximity, transparency and quality that have ensured the loyalty of more than 52,000 customers for over 30 years. Guaranteed GMO-free, paraben-free and not tested on animals, the formulas contain the best ingredients of today’s cosmetology, thus ensuring quality that meets the highest standards.

Our bestsellers

Hydra Mask

Wrinkle prevention cream with Q10

Concentrated cream with apricot oil

Hydro-active serum, anti-wrinkle and smoothing

Concentrated gel with Aloe Vera

Beauty butter