25 October 2022

Special wellness for future moms 

by Laëtitia Cadiou

©Méthode Ohana

Treatments, massages and fitness, the best addresses in French-speaking Switzerland to live your pregnancy with serenity.

At each stage of pregnancy, there are many challenges to staying fit and relaxed. Hormonal changes, fatigue, heavy legs, back pain, so many aches and pains that you need to forget about by doing something good for yourself and get through these few months gently.
NOW Village has selected addresses offering specific treatments and massages associated with methods or products exclusively dedicated to future moms. Book your appointment today to experience your pregnancy to the fullest before baby arrives. 

B-Medic, a haven of peace to recharge your batteries

It is a health clinic located in a small private hotel in the heart of Lausanne. Everything here has been designed to make you feel at home in absolute comfort. It’s no coincidence that many expectant mothers come to this discreet address to stay in shape and preserve their beauty. There are a number of tailor-made treatments that allow you to concoct a complete regime to ensure your well-being both inside and out. A special mention for the anti “heavy legs” program with drainage thanks to LPG® patented endermology treatments that activate the body’s elimination functions and stimulate blood circulation while relieving the symptoms of water retention, especially during pregnancy. Visit or


Massages and targeted treatments in Clarins boutiques and SPA

Clarins has been a specialist in beauty and well-being for over 60 years and has developed a range of products specifically for expectant mothers. During the nine months of pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes and requires special attention. Clarins Boutiques and SPAs offer targeted massages for certain discomforts due to pregnancy, such as back pain, heavy legs, stretch marks or intense fatigue. Find signature massages in Clarins Boutiques & SPA on or on

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Swimming with the Clinique de la Source

La Clinique de la Source s’est associé au Royal Savoy Hôtel & SPA pour y inscrire ses cours de natation pré-natal et cela dès la 26 ème semaine. 

The Clinique de la Source has partnered with theRoyal Savoy Hôtel & SPA to offer pre-natal swimming lessons from the 26th week. 

This course is given by one of the midwives of the Clinique de la Source who has specific training in swimming pool courses. A very complete program allowing you to gently strengthen your muscles, work on opening your hips, relieve your joints, learn to breathe and all this in water at an ideal temperature. 100% relaxation in an exceptional setting.

©Royal Savoy Hôtel & SPA

Alternative medicine treatments at the Clinique Naturelle

The Natural Clinic is a natural therapy center in Geneva offering about twenty complementary treatments of alternative medicine. Massage for pregnant women is a perfect response to body awareness and thus helps to reduce physical or psychological tensions. There are two massage techniques that require a great deal of skill, one is therapeutic massage, targeting painful areas that allow the body to adapt to the changes brought on by pregnancy. This massage is not indicated before the 4th month. The other method is a relaxation massage to learn to let go. An effective way to relieve some of the aches and pains during pregnancy and to spend a sweet moment for yourself.

©La Clinique Naturelle

Sport before and after birth with the Ohana Method

Behind the Ohana Method and its “Stay Healthy Mummy” courses is Maïlis Pellet, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science, a Master’s degree in Sports Education and is a certified Personal Trainer from the University of Lausanne. With her experience, this passionate person has developed a pre-natal and post-partum program for a complete accompaniment. Muscle strengthening and mobilization exercises adapted to the pregnancy and postpartum calendar, allowing to keep or regain a good muscle tone of the targeted areas, but also helps to prevent eventual pain or discomfort that may occur during pregnancy or after delivery. You can find all these programs online at and you can also find the coach Maïlis Pellet at the Sphère périnatale in Vevey.