24 September 2021

Beauty for men: Eye care

by Juliette Weiss


Fresh gel and specific ingredients, we have selected for you gentlemen, 6 treatments with targeted actions for an immediate boost.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the eye contour area is the number one charming asset of a face. So, if after spending long hours in the sun, festive evenings or just too much time behind the screens your skin becomes more sensitive and loses elasticity, gentlemen, it’s time for you to read this article.

The eye contour :
Why take care of it?

If you didn’t already know, it is important to note that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on our face. Often prone to dark circles and puffiness, it is essential to know your needs in order to choose the most suitable skin care product. Because yes, there is a big difference between dark circles and bags under the eyes: a bag is a fatty mass that is located under the eyelid, while dark circles are simple darker marks due to fatigue and sagging skin (this can also be hereditary and genetic. Fortunately, most brands offer products with global actions that hydrate, even out and decongest this ultra-sensitive area. Gel, cream, serum, roll-on, the choice is varied and the solutions always more adapted. 



For those who prefer to use a cream rather than a roll-on and who need a boost in the morning, we have found a must-have by Kiehls: Age Defender Eye Repair. This lifting treatment reduces fine lines and crow’s feet, acts on firmness, improves skin suppleness and of course minimizes the appearance of dark circles. Still need to be convinced? It is not tested on animals and we love its clean composition.


Practical, this fresh gel Vita Lift slips easily into your wash bag and its texture penetrates immediately without sticking (perfect for men in a hurry!). Enriched with vine extract with antioxidant power, this ultra-light formula protects the skin from external aggressions: nothing could be simpler, just apply a single drop in the morning and evening around the eye area and massage gently with the applicator. Because men are also worth it…


Are you approaching your thirties? Don’t panic, the Biences brand has specifically designed an eye contour gel to be used from the age of 25. The program includes Aloe Vera, Carob tree gum and Sage extracts, all of which help make the skin firmer and more radiant. It is applied before your daily care in the morning and evening. The advice? For an immediate tightening effect and a fresh texture, don’t hesitate to place your treatment in the refrigerator. Good luck with that!


The Ultimune Energizing Eye Activator Concentrate Serum prevents the five main problems of the eye area: dryness, first wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and loss of resistance. A whole program where reishi mushroom & iris root extracts play a fundamental role in the active ingredients. The adapted routine? Take a drop of the serum and smooth the eye contour with your fingers. That’s it.



Key ingredients and a decongesting formula? Don’t hesitate to use this anti-pocket, anti-fatigue eye gel from Clinique with hydrating hyaluronic acid and energizing caffeine. Say goodbye to tired eyes and give yourself a fresher look with this powerful cocktail of antioxidants concentrated in an easy-to-use roll-on: just apply and massage. Simple and invigorating.


Do you live on the edge? We’ve got the solution to keep your skin glowing even when you’re on the go. Clarins Men’s Energizing Eye Gel uses organic red ginseng extract to stimulate the skin and help it resist all kinds of aggressions (extreme temperatures, overwork, stress). A real protective shield for a smoother, more toned eye contour area and a radiant, rested look. What more could you ask for? 

Eye Contour Gel, Biences Swiss Cosmetics

Energizing Eye Gel, ClarinsMen

Energizing Eye Activator Concentrate, Shiseido

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Men Expert Vita Lift, L’Oréal

Super Energizer Anti Fatigue, Clinique