30 October 2020

Vegetarian cuisine: Benefits and good addresses.

by Juliette Weiss

A true social phenomenon, vegetarianism is more than a food habit and today would be similar to a philosophy of life. But then where does this diet come from? What are its benefits and where to find the best vegetarian addresses in Geneva? Clarification.

History of vegetarianism :

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarianism is not a recent fashion. The divide between meat eaters and vegetarians dates back to antiquity. Indeed, the animal question was already asked by the greatest intellectuals of the time. Then this movement developed throughout Europe at the end of the 18th century, to become today a “lifestyle” in its own right.

The development of a practice

If in the past, economic, sanitary and religious circumstances may have hindered meat consumption, today the necessity is not the same. It is above all a question of awareness and a willingness to change. It is a question of a more personal diet that suits us better. More and more of us are raising our noses to question the contents of our plates. Proof of this can be seen in the growth of vegetarian and vegan offerings in shops and restaurants, as well as in the 12% drop in meat consumption in ten years.

The benefits

If this diet seduces is that it brings its share of benefits. Well designed and well adapted nutritionally, it is one of the healthiest diets one can adopt. Numerous scientific studies have shown that over-consumption of meat has a direct link with cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. It is therefore even beneficial in the prevention and treatment of diseases. But it is also a question of preserving the environment and animal causes.

And while most restaurants now offer vegetarian options (other than 3 leaf salads) we have selected for you the 10 best veggies restaurants in Geneva. From coffee to the starred table, vegan friends – or simply curious, you’ll have no excuse not to try them…

The institution : Le Domaine de Châteauvieux

©Le Domaine de Châteauvieux

Far from being an exclusively vegetarian establishment, people come here for the quality of the products, sometimes freshly picked from the estate’s vegetable garden and executed with precision and creativity by Chef Philippe Chevrier. On the program?
A vegetarian selection (in season) such as the creamy Breton artichoke, basil and cherry blossom jelly or the crispy zucchini flower with vegetable niçoise. And to underline all this, the establishment is ranked among the Grandes Tables de Suisse and the Relais et Châteaux. Try it with your eyes closed.
Chemin de Châteauvieux 16, 1242 Satigny-Geneva

The star one : Le Chat-Botté

©Le Chat-Botté

Direction the restaurant of the Beau-Rivage hotel, directed by the starred chef Dominique Gauthier, for whom “the culinary art is a delicate association between flavors, seasonal colors and exceptional products. “Although the menu is not exclusively veggie, several options are available. We revel in the vegetal-inspired menu: we love the seasonal vegetable squeeze like a millefeuille, in a hushed decor typical of this mythical place.
Hotel Beau-Rivage, Quai du Mont-Blanc 13, 1201 Geneva

The energizer: Ou bien encore

©Ou bien encore

Plates all more beautiful than one another, art exhibitions and even yoga classes, this is the unmistakable address of the afficionados of inventive and conscientious cooking. We love their 100% vegan pastries and the 100% good vibes.
Rue des Bains 61, 1205 Geneva

The family friendly one : en faim ou soif

©En faim ou soif

Lovers of hummus, eggplant caviar and other homemade bircher, welcome to this small arcade in the Eaux-Vives district. Here, the products are labeled GRTA (Geneva, region, earth, future) and the freshly squeezed juices are to fall. Everything is prepared with care and the flavors are balanced. The most ? Very “kids friendly” where you can bring your children for a healthy moment with your family.
Chemin Neuf 4, 1207 Geneva

The committed : Tonic


In order to limit the ecological impact, everything in this restaurant is offered in the form of a buffet. The dishes are 100% vegetarian and 100% homemade, we compose an authentic and local plate according to our desires. The most ? A bulk sales service of Geneva cereals. Local as we said …
Boulevard Carl-Vogt 30, 1205 Geneva

The insolent : Café Mutin 

©café Mutin

Located in a charming arcade in the Plainpalais district, this café with a relaxed look and humorous decoration offers an increasingly ethical menu. Original and always tasty combinations. A favorite for the crispy mushroom ravioli and the vegan burger. And if that’s not enough, we come back for Sunday brunch.
Boulevard de la Cluse 20, 1205 Geneva

The « ready to eat » : Tekoe


Tekoe stores ring a bell? You can find these organic tea and vegetarian delicacies stores in many Swiss cities and especially in train stations. Tekoe is a Swiss tea house that offers a rich selection of organic teas, but also salads, cakes and other vegetarian pastries. Next time you take the train or go shopping downtown, you can stop by for a vegetarian speciality!
Place du Molard 3, 1204 Geneva

The sweet tooth  : enVie 


Small corner of sweetness nestled in the Neighborhood Street, we come here to eat a hearty salty bagel or to enjoy recipes of Peruvian inspiration with tofu. In an urban jungle atmosphere, our desire for sweetness is not left bitchy either to a selection like “english bakery”. A banana bread, but always vegan!
Rue des Voisins 16, 1205 Geneva

The globe trotter : Le Molokaï Poke 

©Le Molokaï Poke

From London to New York, the Poke Bowl (a Hawaiian term for pieces of raw fish) has invaded our lunch breaks. And that’s just as well, because in Geneva, the Molokai Poke has it all. We compose there our veggie bowl like the Sexy Sea Bream or the Wild Tuna. Evocative names for a sunny fusion…
Rue du Rhône 67, 1207 Geneva

The conceptual: Alive


Conceptual and intimate, this charming vegan café offers colorful brunches, local and tasty products, all served by a team of caring staff. And since it’s all about a state of mind, we also test the cooking workshops and visit the small store with its ever more environmentally friendly selection.
Rue des Barques 2, 1207 Geneva