09 November 2020

Fashion Focus: red is essential

by Mélissa Gargiullo

©Hermès ©KUNA

This season we are betting everything on red. But don’t be afraid of it! It is much easier to adopt than you think. Let’s go for the color with a strong personality.

The color red has a long history. Yes, this intense color was a favorite of the Greeks and Romans, symbolizing power and wealth, then took on a religious aspect in the Middle Ages and finally took on political significance during the French Revolution. At the same time, red reflects, from a more general point of view, love and beauty. A color so rich and with such varied symbols is inevitably very strong and can make us doubt whether to integrate it into our wardrobe. Nevertheless, fashion designers proved at Fashion Week A/W 20/21 that red is a “must have” this year.

At Fashion Week…

©Hermès, Isidore Montag /
©Saint Laurent, Filippo Fior /
©Balenciaga, Alessandro Lucioni /

The Maison Hermès proves that red is definitely trendy. Hermès bets everything on the clash of colors by combining a total white look with a red sweater, breaking the look. Surprise effect guaranteed. We also spotted another look for the season: red and black. And no, this is not a reference to Stendhal’s novel. Hermès bets on a mid-length dress in a bright red sweater look and combine it with black leather boots. For a less flashy look, the Maison proposes a thick bright red sweater combined with a black mini dress and black tights.

Saint Laurent dares to go all out and unveils very daring looks. A mid-length red patent leather dress combined with black boots of the same material caught our eye. Here is a very provocative and avant-garde style signed Saint Laurent. As for the red patent leather leggings, we adopt them directly in our dressing room! To be associated with a total black or grey look. Finally we found the nugget; a long red coat that will go very well with most of the trendy colors of the season.

Finally, the sporty-chic side of Balenciaga seduced us! The brand offers dark red unisex backpacks and travel bags. Perfect for Mr. or Mrs.! Nevertheless, the Maison does not only focus on the sporty side but reveals a particularly powerful look, with this red dress with black flowers and padded shoulders to the extreme! Finally, we fell in love with the red fabric boots.

…in our wardrobes

Creators’ assessment: Red is fun! We have selected fashion discoveries in a few local boutiques to experiment with this color. Red comes in many different shades, from dark to light to bright red, we have a lot of choice and we love it!

So, are you ready for this red color challenge? Sexy and provocative or chic and discreet?

Earrings, Chanel

Serpenti Bag, Bulgari

Wool jumper, Lacoste

Manuela coat, MaxMara

Satin dress, Zadig & Voltaire

Boots, Louis Vuitton