20 July 2021

Tomorrow I’ll stop using packing bags!

by Laetitia Socquet

©La Brouette

Consuming better and less? This desire for ecological transition is not always easy to follow. Here are a few tips and good addresses that will help you approach a zero waste lifestyle.

In Switzerland, a person produces 730 kg of waste per year. Today, there are more and more consumers who aspire to a simpler life that respects the planet. Limiting waste is possible, starting by buying food in bulk! Bulk, a trend that is widely covered by influencers sharing pictures of their well organized pantries! It’s true, it’s so satisfying to open your cupboards and see those beautiful boxes so neatly arranged!

The bulk, how does it work?

  1. I bring my containers to the store (or I buy them locally).
  2. I choose the product and the desired quantity.
  3. I pay for the content without the industrial overhead.

First step: get some storage jars.

To start, you’ll need the basics: jars/containers, preferably glass, in which to store your food. No more endless plastic packaging to unpack when you get home. Besides, you probably already have some at home… yes, you do! Jam jars will also do the trick.

©Les Cracks Du Vrac
Jars “Kliner” ©Galaxus Bocaux “Sol”©MiCasa

And if this is not the case, here are some useful addresses:

  • MiCasa offers various jars at reasonable prices. You can also find them in Hornbach stores.
  • If you prefer to order online, and in larger quantities, offers a wide variety.
  • If you are concerned about the weight of your groceries, think about fabric pouches and bags and pour them into your jars once you get home. Opt for the small “Cracks du Vrac” bags, to slip in your dry foods: rice, dried fruits, cereals and legumes. Larger bags are also available for your vegetables! You can buy them on their online store or in Geneva, in different grocery stores.

Second step: bulk stores near you

Of course, local markets and farms are the best places to shop in bulk, you probably already know about them, so go for it! NOW has selected some local bulk food stores in Geneva and Lausanne.

©Lutry Vrac
©Chez Mamie
  • Lutry Vrac
    Very new and opened only a few months ago, the grocery store “Lutry Vrac” proposes dry food in bulk, as well as organic dairy products and many delicious products in the delicatessen. You will find your happiness there, it is sure!
  • Chez Mamie
    Chez Mamie” is a zero waste concept store now present in several Swiss cities. Bulk products for the whole house, from food with a large selection of delicious local products such as yoghurts, butter and vegan cheese spreads, to cleaning products.
©Le Nid
©Le Bocal Local
©La Brouette
  • La Brouette
    La Brouette“, a sustainable grocery store in Lausanne that will seduce you. Don’t hesitate to come with your containers or canvas bags. What makes it special? This cooperative does not aim at profit, but wishes to promote direct links with producers and the local economy, to protect nature and the health of the inhabitants of the Lausanne region.
  • Le Bocal Local
    Located in Geneva, the Bocal Local is first and foremost an eco-responsible association with its grocery store that offers healthy products in bulk and therefore without packaging and disposable. A selection of local products such as oils, dry groceries, sauces and spices, honeys and jams. There is something for everyone!
  • Le Nid
    The participative bulk grocery store “Le Nid” relies on the collaboration of its members for its management and organization. It contributes to support the local producers and to favour the good life together. You will find various drinks, breads, vegetables and fruits as well as legumes and cereals.