23 July 2021

The sun bathing suit

by Redaction NOW Village

©Rivea ©Pain de Sucre ©Etam ©Versace

Beach, countryside, city pool, what swimsuit for what occasion? NOW has taken a look at some of the best swimsuits in our local stores.

No need to go far to find a little corner of happiness for your vacations. Relaxation and farniente destination close to home. There are many options, like riding your bike and going to the countryside, a luxurious day by the pool of a big hotel, or an evening with friends for a midnight swim on the banks of Lake Geneva. So many options for an infinite choice of bikinis.


For a moment of relaxation and to tan in the garden, we selected items with the old-fashioned charm and pleasant to wear in all simplicity.

©Pain de Sucre


For a day lounging by the pool of a hotel where luxury and voluptuousness reign, we will have found some more sophisticated models to never go unnoticed.


Beach on the shores of Lake Geneva

As we like to get together with friends for a picnic and continue with a swim on the shores of a beach on Lake Geneva. The swimsuits will be more sporty and definitely comfortable.