11 May 2023

10 timeless jewels to get yourself NOW

by Fanny Dufour

There are jewelry pieces that follow trends and there are those that never go out of style and come back a little stronger every year. Zoom in on 10 timeless pieces that are easy to adopt and will amaze you.

Although jewelry has been worn by men and women for many years, it was not until the 1725s that jewelry as we know it today became more widespread with the discovery of the first diamond mines. At first reserved for the bourgeoisie, jewelry is no longer exclusive to the upper classes in 1867 when a large quantity of precious stones arrives on the market with the discovery of mines in South Africa.

Since then, they have become an essential fashion accessory, a way to bring out the woman in us. Minimalist, colored or sparkling, the jewels have carved a place of choice in our daily lives. While trends come and go, there are some pieces that never go out of style. NOW has 10 timeless pieces of jewelry for you to keep for a lifetime. 

Layering” is the trend that is back in force this year: we superimpose several necklaces with different lengths to create a unique style. As it is not always easy to find the right pieces to combine, we turn to the necklaces already matched. For these pieces with multiple pendants, we willingly let ourselves be carried away in the minimalist universe and full of lightness of ’Agnès Noyer who offers us the necklace THEA decorated with three small sequins. For a more retro style, we turn to the timeless necklace « Coin ». The editor’s favorite is the Tara Style collection with its engraved pendant with a falsely vintage look.

©Agnès Noyer ©Tara Style

For those who want to recognize themselves in their accessories, what better than to choose a personalized necklace that looks like us. The Natkina brand relies on the signs of the zodiac to make our hearts beat faster. Whether we believe it or not, we like to proudly wear this distinction that shines with a thousand lights. A Swiss German brand completes the selection, and not the least.Ann Perrica is the brand in vogue in 2022 that gives us an eyeful. We are under the spell of these small pendants letter to be superimposed according to his desires.

©Natkina ©Ann Perica

Enola Bijoux is the brand of a young designer whose creations come to life in the Vallée de Joux. She offers us a minimalist and regressive collection that almost takes us back to childhood. Her heart bracelet has made us the eye and brings a girly touch to our outfit. We love it! 
Obviously, we can’t talk about timeless bracelets without mentioning the cord bracelet. This jewelry classic is an essential accessory to have. Colored or neutral, you will find your happiness in the collection of the Geneva brand Un chic fou.

©Enola Bijoux ©un chic fou

Original, elegant or imposing, rings are certainly the pieces that allow you to show off and assert your style. Moderation is not for 2022, so do not hesitate to adorn all your fingers with beautiful jewelry.
For a flawless purchase, we head to the timeless designs of the Baiushki brand, which is inspired by nature to create perfectly imperfect jewelry. The YERERA ring in recycled silver is the most beautiful representation for which we fall for without hesitation.
For those who want a little touch of luxury, we found a 3-ring ring at Studio Mason. . A beautiful piece that is reminiscent of the famous Trinity ring by Cartier. A little pleasure at a low price.

©Baiushki ©Studio Mason

The Basel-based brand Fleur de nuit offers us a lot of pretty pieces…by the unit. Specialized in the “ear party” it is without surprise that we fell for a small golden and sparkling buckle that reminds us of a vacation air. To be worn as a pair or solo of course.
More classic but undoubtedly in the air of time, the pearls make their big return. For Chiara Tedeschi, it’s above all a family story for over 40 years. She uses her family’s expertise to bring pearls up to date with modern and enchanting designs. We fell in love with the “Capri” earrings.

©Chiara Tedeschi ©Fleur de nuit

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