Agnès Noyer

Agnès, jewelry designer, offers you her minimalist and pure creations. Passionate and self-taught, this designer from the Trois-Lacs region offers a timeless collection full of delicacy.
Discover quality pieces, with fine and elegant materials, to wear for all occasions. A light and chic universe to discover as soon as possible!

Downtown bijoux, Neuchâtel & La-Chaux-De-Fonds⎥Etincelles & Créations, Chexbres⎥Cocoskate, Murten⎥La Vracrie, Vully

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Large circle necklace “ADELINE”

“LAVENDER” bracelet

“ESTELLE” necklace

“MARTIAL” earrings

Lapis lazuli necklace “LUCIOLE”

Earrings “CHIARA”

“ELISA” ring

“EUCALYPTUS” necklace

“THEA” bracelet

“PHILOMENE” earrings

“CLOSE” gold bracelet

“SIRIUS” earrings

“ARC” necklace

“KOLME” ring