23 February 2021

The bestiary of the jewellers

by Redaction NOW Village

Wild, domestic, adorable or impressive animals have always been a source of inspiration for jewelers. Let us find here some creations of jewels to be tamed.                               

Timeless and constantly reinvented, the creation of jewelry inspired by wildlife is often found at the heart of the collections. Since antiquity, ornaments in the effigy of animals have appeared, often the emblem of a lineage or sometimes even that of a fetish. Since then, the bestiary has never ceased to inspire great names in jewelry. Let’s go hunting, capture some beautiful specimens.

The masterful stallion

Stallion Sculpture ©Swarovski

The art of working with stones is not only limited to jewelry! At Swarovski, we find all kinds of precise crystal sculptures with multiple reflections. One retains in particular this stallion whose impressive detail exudes at the same time a feeling of power and delicacy. Ideal to decorate as well as to offer!

The bewitching snake

Serpenti Bracelet ©Bvlgari

The snake is the animal dreamed of for jewelry, symbol of temptation, charisma and sensuality, we find it in the collections of many jewelers. The Italian brand Bulgari has made it its favorite animal. The reptilian creations are undoubtedly hypnotic, especially with the pink gold snake bracelet with rubellite eyes embellished with semi-pavé diamonds.

Rue de Bourg 10
1003 Lausanne
Rue du Marché 7
1204 Genève

Rue du Rhône 30
1204 Genève  

Fantastic animals

Collectible Animals ©Boucheron

Boucheron is one of those prestigious houses for which the animal world has always had a predominant place in their creation. It symbolizes a virtue, a trait of character, a value. The animal becomes a totem when worn as a ring, necklace, brooch or earrings. Shaped by Boucheron craftsmen, set with emeralds or sapphires, it becomes a precious and exclusive companion. From hummingbirds to wolves, from polar bears to white swans, more than 20 different species make up the bestiary of the Animaux de Collection catalog.

The brilliant Tiffany dragonflies

Dragonfly brooch ©Tiffany&Co

The delicate Tiffany brand also offers a wide choice of bestiary jewelry in various styles. Sometimes minimalist, sometimes worked, there is something for all tastes! However we are under the charm with a small dragonfly brooch encrusted with sapphires and diamonds. Sparkling and airy, this Tiffany creation will catch the eye and illuminate all your looks!

Rue du Rhône 13
1204 Genève

Rue du Rhône 21
1204 Genève

The indomitable Cartier Panther

Panther Ring ©Cartier

Mythical collection ” Panther of Cartier ” ! The first creation was created in 1948 with an enamelled gold panther brooch that sits on a 116.74 carat emerald, designed by Jeanne Toussaint, then Artistic Director of the House of Cartier, and intended for the Duchess of Windsor. A dazzling success, the panther became the emblematic animal for Cartier, which has never ceased to reinvent itself over the years. Our animal instinct draws us to the Cartier Panther Ring, 18 karat white gold, set with 285 diamonds for 2.39 carats, emeralds, onyx.

The adorable koala Thomas Sabo

Pendant ©Thomas Sabo

Impossible not to melt in front of this small Koala in sterling silver decorated with glass-ceramic gems. Thomas Sabo thus makes travel thanks to his creations with this emblem of meditation and quietude retranscribed in necklace. This piece is impressive by its detail and the precision of the patterns.
Attention, this jewel is in limited edition!

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1204 Genève

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