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25 February 2021

Gentleman’s Club – Trendy hair styles

by Redaction NOW Village

Is it time to change your look? With spring approaching, the temptation to renew your style is increasingly strong, here are the trends for you gentlemen!

Brand ambassadors show up, influencers march, actors are in the spotlight, masculine beauty is becoming more democratic. So it’s not surprising that haircuts are an integral part of a masculine look. Let’s take a look at hair trends for you gentlemen.

©Barber Room ©Apothecary 87 ©Kérastase

50 shades of Undercut

It is no longer presented. Unmistakable trend mixing lengths and shaving the American undercut or gradient is without a doubt the most requested hair look. If the basis of the undercut is to shave at the bottom to keep the full length on top, many variations have made their appearance allowing this trend to constantly reinvent itself. Among these alternatives the most known are the curly undercut, the pompadour and the disconnected. It adapts to all styles, all textures and hair lengths. All you have to do is choose!
To maintain it: nothing like wax, matte wax in particular, to maintain your undercut. Allowing you to fix the hairstyle and have a natural look, wax does not freeze the hair and avoids white deposits and the feeling of having sticky hair, unlike gel.

Dare the curls!

Hairdressers had to close their doors for a long time during this pandemic and thus allowed men to (re)discover themselves au naturel, beard and mid-length hair will have regained their right.
Which does not mean neglected! We suggest a supple and curly hair mass and each one has his own style as with the bun or the ponytail sometimes dropped on the shoulders for a wild look a sophisticated strand. For a more innovative style, you can also try these few variations such as adding fringe on the front, more length or even shortening the front, reminiscent of the mule cut.
To maintain it: curly hair often requires a lot of care. To preserve your curls, opt for repairing masks, those with keratin are particularly effective and nourishing. You can also occasionally use styling mousse for curls that are more and more defined!

Color in your hair!

©Lucky Smith, Roberto Cavalli

Color is THE big hair change for men at the moment. Known to conceal white hair, color today is emancipating itself to become a trademark. Many male celebrities, such as Kanye West or Zayn Malik, let themselves be tempted by coloring experiments aimed at affirming their personality! Several top shades have been spotted, such as grey for an elegant and modern look or blonde for the more rocking and daring! To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is highly recommended not to try the experience without a professional. More and more salons now offer men’s coloring and that’s good.
To maintain it: Whether it’s a sweep, partial or total coloring: beware of unwanted reflections! With blonde coloring, it sometimes happens that the color has difficulty setting or turns yellow or sometimes even orange. Therefore, it is best to use color-fixing shampoos at first, especially if this is your first coloring! Don’t neglect repairing masks either, because colorations cause a lot of damage to the hair.

The beard’s comeback!

It is impossible to talk about male hair trends without mentioning beards. Today, the beard is an integral part of a man’s style and the dazzling return of the barber shop has given birth to a real concept around beard work. We are talking about a way of thinking that combines quality expertise and a moment of relaxation between men. We thus realize classic cuts such as the maintenance of 3-day beards and long beards. However, we also find one of the more worked look like the duck tail which gives a side both wild and sought after but also an artistic dimension with the design on beard.
To maintain it: to have a beard in perfect condition, there are specific shampoos as well as oils to soothe the skin and prevent infections. Don’t hesitate either to watch for regrowth and regularly cut off hairs that are too long. Finally, it is recommended to comb it once a day in order to moisturize it and keep its shine!

Here is a short NOW address book where these gentlemen will be able to treat or reinvent their manes as they please!

Victoria Coiffure

You can relax! When Antony Finguerras hairdresser-visagist takes the scissors, at a glance will be able to advise you on the trendy cut to adopt or the color which will be able to restore your coat of arms, hairy this one! You should take advantage of this opportunity to be pampered and test the hair care products to find hair in full health.

Gentlemen Factory

This team of professional barbers offers its customers a wide range of haircuts, hair design and care. It’s a real creative experience that is proposed to you in salons with vintage decoration!

Rue de Saint-Victor 4, 1206 Genève 

Shop Eaux-Vives : rue de la Terrassière 14 ,1207 Eaux-Vives 
Shop Acacias : route des Acacias 36, 1227 Carouge 

Secret Box By Silvana K

Beautiful address dedicated to 360° beauty. It is highly recommended for the very pleasant space but especially for their expertise of hair. As its name indicates, other beauty secrets await you with, among other things, a very complete treatment card. Wellness experience guaranteed!

Barber Room

Two friends practice the art of beard in the heart of Lausanne. In a friendly, retro atmosphere with a small snack as a bonus, we find a place of relaxation and exchange. Beyond a lounge, it is therefore a true small community that welcomes you.

Auguste Tissot 17, 1006 Lausanne

Rue du Flon 12, 1003 Lausanne.