09 November 2021

Tea season with NOW

by Laetitia Socquet

Our warm selection of teas takes you into a world of multiple virtues and woody scents.

Enjoy your favorite teas wrapped up in your sofa, on your sunny terrace or in your isothermal bottle during your walks and hikes in the forest. Here are 5 tea stores that will warm up your autumn days.

1. Energizing teas

At this time of the year, the body needs energy, and this, from the morning! NewBy Tea’s Ginseng Oolong is a light and aromatic tea. Its ginseng benefits are a natural and delicious way to boost your body.

On an invigorating note, the Ginger Lemon with ginger, lemongrass, licorice and peppermint will warm you up while giving you a little boost of energy, at any time of the day.

2. Two surprising teas

©La Maison Chocolathé

La Maison Chocolathé, a new boutique in Carouge by Master Chocolatier Philippe Pascoët, offers two refined teas for the season; the White Tea with Elderberry and the Green Tea Brumes Matinales.
The White Tea with its elderberry flavor and its sweet rose scent will awaken your taste buds. A surprising and delicate tea.
The Morning Mist Green Tea, a classic for green tea lovers, is revisited with an exotic and invigorating touch. The tea that accompanies our mornings!

3. Somacha, Japanese tea

©Betjeman & Barton

This fall, Betjeman & Barton is exploring Japanese teas. We had a real crush on their Somacha tea, created especially after a discussion about Japan with one of their faithful customers. This tea is made with Sobacha (roasted buckwheat seeds) and “Matcha Tea” (the famous Japanese green tea powder). This infusion is a rich and very pleasant drink, with notes of hazelnut. The Sobacha, contained in this infusion, would have virtues stimulating the immunity. It would be detoxifying and remineralizing after a good night sleep. Just what you need when the rainy days arrive! An unexpected, delicious blend, and widely approved by the Carouge store team.

4.A woody tea with a chestnut aroma

If you like flavors and smells that remind you of the beautiful colors of the season, La Tsarine boutique in Geneva offers a tea that transports you to the middle of the woods. Their Oolong tea with vanilla, chestnut, almond and chocolate aromas has a natural woody scent. Why not take it with you in your isothermal bottle during a walk in the wilderness? Immersion guaranteed!

5. Spices and Chai tea

To finish on a spicy autumnal note, Chai Tea from Chill Tea Atelier in Montreux blends cinnamon and ginger with Rooibos, leaving your cup of tea naturally sweet without being too spicy. Discover it without further delay, with perhaps a touch of milk and honey for a wonderful “Chai Tea Latte”.

Ginseng Oolong,
NewBy Tea

Chaï tea,
Chill Tea Atelier

Betjeman & Barton

Ginger & Lemon,
NewBy Tea

Oolong tea,
La Tsarine