30 March 2021

Chocolate for Easter: Cric, crac, croc!

by My Sweet Discoveries (Kim Eva Boehringer)

Afin de vous faire plaisir et de faire plaisir à ceux que vous aimez pour célébrer Pâques, nous vous avons préparé une sélection de choc !

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate; the tenth is lying.” John Q. Tullius

On the menu? Chocolate, chocolate and… chocolate! From the Princess egg by Guillaume Bichet, to the faceted egg by Jacot Chocolatier, to the cocottes by Mr & Mrs Renou, to the design egg by Philippe Pascoët, or the “Je t’aime” rabbit by the Rohr chocolate factory, our chocolate artisans have prepared some high-class sweets for you. Beautiful creations that will delight your eyes, your taste buds and your heart. Without forgetting that you contribute to support our local merchants who are delighted to welcome you.
Have a nice tasting and a happy Easter!

Chocolats Rohr :
gourmandise at the service of excellence

Founded more than 80 years ago, the Rohr chocolate factory perfumes the streets of Carouge with a sweet gourmet fragrance. Everything is created in the workshop located in the heart of old Carouge. Visiting this workshop is like stepping back in time and discovering with pleasure a quality craft, where meticulousness and scrupulous choice of noble materials are combined. Old-fashioned machines, copper containers and advanced knowledge come together to offer you a chocolate of excellence. But beyond its quality products, the Rohr chocolate factory attaches particular importance to pleasure and greed. Each creation is designed to take you on a gourmet journey, out of time. Whether in more traditional creations or in new compositions, Rohr is constantly reinventing itself in order to satisfy you and continue to make you dream. This touch of originality is brought by the new female generation, today at the helm of the family business.

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Easter selection

  • The rabbit
  • Peachy Rabbit
  • I Love You Bunny
  • Rabbit lying down
  • The sheep
  • The marbled egg
  • The nougat egg
  • The rock egg
  • The carrot muffins

Guillaume Bichet:
The alliance of tradition and modernity

Lulled by sweets since his childhood, Guillaume Bichet decided to make it his profession. A passion that led him to open his first store in Coppet in 2011. Like a master perfumer, Guillaume Bichet works to recreate a thousand and one flavors for the greatest happiness of your taste buds. His vision of things? To combine tradition and modernity by revisiting the most emblematic pastries of his childhood. A creative process mixing flavors, textures and meticulous choice of raw materials in the respect of sustainable development values. The result? A sublimated staging, a perfect harmony and an exhibition in the mouth.
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Easter selection:

The Princess Egg :
Guillaume Bichet’s signature egg. A dark and powdered chocolate egg for a very raw, cocoa-flavored side, topped with Princess almonds. Available in 6 sizes.

Easter Bunny
Princess Egg

Jacot Chocolatier :
the search for excellence and exclusivity for the pleasure of gourmets

Founded more than 70 years ago in the small village of Noiraigue by Marcel Jacot, the Jacot chocolate factory attaches the utmost importance to creativity and quality. The work is comparable to that of a watchmaker and is based on meticulousness, precision, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. From creation to sale, nothing is left to chance. This concern for quality is also present in the choice of raw materials for the chocolate factory, which has been working without palm oil or saturated fats since 2010. Today, Jacot Chocolatier has expanded in French-speaking Switzerland but is keen to preserve its heritage of yesteryear and works to continuously seek excellence, for your pleasure.

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Easter selection:

  • Faceted egg with caramelized cocoa nibs.
  • Small eggs filled with mango and raspberry.

Mr & Mrs Renou :
a world where sensitivity and technique are one

In the world of Mr & Mrs Renou, sensitivity and technique are one. It is a world where excellence rhymes with simplicity and passion, in order to bring you joy and pleasure through gourmet delights. 4 words of order: technicality, creativity, greed and local products. Creations thought and realized with attention to detail and know-how by Christophe Renou, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Carefully selected raw materials, valuing seasonality and local products (such as Stéphanie’s honeys). A perpetual creative research, with new collections imagined according to the seasons. And finally, a flawless greediness thanks to simple and greedy products, as much from a gustatory point of view as from a visual one.

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Easter selection:

  • The flower egg: a tribute to the famous Geneva Flower Clock
  • The rabbit : available in dark, milk & dulcey chocolate
  • The cocotte : available in dark, milk & dulcey chocolate
  • Eggs in bar : hazelnut praline eggs from Piedmont, dark & milk chocolate, on a gourmet bar, hazelnut crunch
  • Fish : available in dark, milk & dulcey chocolate
  • Easter fry: a mixture of chocolates

Philippe Pascoët :
a chocolate universe full of flavors  

Philippe Pascoët, a self-taught man with an extraordinary background, offers you a colorful immersion in the world of chocolate. A creative vision, a work of noble materials, a Breton heritage, travels and a philosophy “Always follow your instinct”. It is in the laboratory located in the heart of the Old Carouge that he creates like an artist the marriages of flavors, the associations, the ganaches, the tablets… without forgetting the unavoidable softness. An artisanal production oriented on the alliance of gourmet and original flavors (flowers, spices, fruits) and emotion, placed at the heart of each product. A know-how that has spread beyond our borders with the opening of other stores and the sale of products throughout the world.

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Easter selection:

  • Sardines
  • The beehive
  • The design egg
  • The slim hen with a garnish