24 May 2022

Shoes 2022, the coronation of the clog! 

by Redaction NOW Village

It had already pointed its heel tip last winter and has taken over for the beautiful season. A crazy charm with a retro style, the pair of wooden clogs will leave no one unmoved!

The clog appeared as early as the 15th century and originated in the rural areas of Scandinavia, Germany, France, Flanders and the Netherlands, where it became one of the folkloric symbols. This peasant shoe dug in a piece of wood, practical and very cheap, will then be worn by anarchists in the 19th century, giving birth to the term “sabotage”. It is in the 20’s, that the elegant New Yorkers will put the clog in the heart of fashion, the 60’s will make explode the fame of the clog which will be worn by a whole bohemian generation. In 1990, it is the absolute glory for the clogs which return in force to tread the parterres of parades of the big Houses of fashion as Chanel, Gucci, Dior.

Since winter 2021, the clogs are back with the added bonus of new lighter materials, colors and heels to make it even more sexy.

A clog maker in the 1950s, Children in 1990 and two girls wearing clogs ©Pinterest

CHANEL and its ready-to-wear clogs

It is thanks to the hyper comfortable material and the detail of its delicate flowers cut in a velvet calf that the mules-sabots of Chanel make the difference. A discreet and refined look, this pair of clogs is a charming asset to accessorize all your summer outfits.


Proudly flaunt your bohemian chic style with this pair of clogs where the luxury lies in the beautiful natural leather material and the signature Celine Triumph link. We will wear it as well in a relaxed version with jeans and a lace blouse as with a long dress to go from the beach to the dance-floor. A classic not to be missed!

©CHANEL ©Celine

Vanessa Bruno

The clog makes sense in a Vanessa Bruno wardrobe! A bohemian chic and casual style but no less avant-garde. A clog model that manages to preserve the authentic look of the Scandinavian clog with a resolutely modern look thanks to this signed Iris buckle, dear to Vanessa! Handmade in vegetable leather, available in black and natural brown.


The original, some will say it is made in Sweden, we have some models found on the online store of Produits-Scandinaves with the models of artisanal manufacture in leather with the heel all wood, special mention for its orthopedic sole of great comfort. 
Declined in several colors, but very glamorous in silver or gold leather, an essential for a hot summer!

Hermès, the elegant

Under the name of Mules Carlotta, we find the clogs of the House of Hermes in calfskin and lined with woolen skin, sublimated by the Kelly buckle. Exceptional craftsmanship: beech wood soles and metal studs for a bohemian-chic 70’s look.

©Hermès ©L’Original ©Vanessa Bruno


For men, too, the clog may well accessorize their smart casual outfits! As seen here at Birkenstock and its novelty, the Boston clog model in soft suede leather, a natural color, but also two other bright colors. It is a model that can be worn casually but without any doubt with a beautiful assurance! We dare and we will adopt it thanks to its ultimate comfort that we can wear all year long! 

Aigle from the garden to the city

Aigle is of course known for its fashion and footwear designed to brave all weathers, so we are not surprised that among their new products for men, we find the Corlay clogs model. It is made mostly of natural rubber but with a cork insole to provide comfort and sturdiness. Clogs in all simplicity that will be easy to put on for a cool look from the garden to dinner.

©Birkenstock ©Aigle

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