31 May 2022

Fall in love with tailoring

by Laëtitia Cadiou


If clothes don’t make the man, made-to-measure does!

What a look! That’s what we often hear as a compliment when a man dresses made-to-measure. For a long time considered as inaccessible and intended for the wealthy and top models not exceeding size 38, made-to-measure has become possible for most people but it is still necessary to know the right addresses.

The choice of delicate fabrics for your shirt, the perfect cut of your suit or the design of your shoes to perfectly fit your feet is no longer a fantasy. We went to meet passionate people with a know-how that is sometimes centuries old, creation workshops that ensure a personalized advice thanks to a well-informed eye and high quality materials. 

What if you also went custom? 

The history of tailoring is for a long time the field of great men who had to attach an important part to their dressing room, it often allowed to assert his status in society. The tailor then became his valet and confidant to ensure him to gain notoriety. Each outfit had its own codes for different occasions, today we limit ourselves to the city outfit and its smart casual, the office suit and the tuxedo for special occasions. We slipped into the workshops of some beautiful addresses that will dress you to measure from head to toe.  

Di Marino Homme

©Di Marino ©Canali

Di Marino Homme is a well-kept address for men’s fashion enthusiasts with a timeless chic that has been passed down from generation to generation. Established in Lausanne since 1963, Mr. Di Marino offers a fine selection of exclusive brands such as Ermenildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Eton, Boglioli and a few more sporty ones. In the back of the store, in a cozy and comfortable space, you can listen to the history of the boutique and have a tailor-made suit made for you or find a choice of shirts cut from high quality fabrics. A moment of fashion pleasure guaranteed.



Do you know where James Bond dresses? It’s at Scabal, originally an English fabric factory in Huddersfield that has been around since the fifteenth century. From London’s famous Savile Row, the street of gentlemen’s tailors, to Hollywood, where movie stars were dressed, Scabal has become a reference in the search for original, high quality fabrics. The company is at the origin of the most refined fabrics that have passed the Super 100’s, 120’s, 150’s and 180’s. In Geneva, the beautiful boutique at 11 Quai des Bergues welcomes you with great care to go out elegantly dressed.



The Zegna family’s heritage of extraordinary materials is also intact after more than 110 years of expertise in fabric creation. When you enter the workshop, you’ll have a wonderful experience to rediscover what is called a luxury service. A truly personalized experience of tailoring to offer you a dream wardrobe tailored to your lifestyle. If you are not lucky enough to be able to visit the Milanese apartment-workshop, you can visit the Zurich boutique, the only one in Switzerland that also offers the virtual service. For any information regarding the made-to-measure service you can send an email to

Arturo Belli 

©Arturo Belli 

The Manufacture Arturo Belli offers men custom-made shoes entirely designed, made and manufactured in Geneva since 1909. Four generations of master boot makers have succeeded one another, perpetuating the tradition of a craft and thus allowing the safeguarding of a unique know-how.  
They design and manufacture in the workshop of Carouge high quality custom-made shoes, no less than 250 operations are necessary to create custom-made shoes of the House Arturo Belli. We invite you to visit the store, in the heart of the old town, to see the craftsman at work, a moment of passion guaranteed to find the right shoe for you.