22 February 2021

Decoration, inspirations 2021!

by Redaction NOW Village

Want to redecorate your space?  Between color and decoration objects NOW has scrutinized the 2021 trends to bring you some inspiration.

It is clear that after having spent so much time in confinement you can no longer see your interior in paint. This is the perfect time to review your interior design by adding a few little touches of decoration. A new color on the wall, a floral print on your sofa or just an object in the heart of the house can radically change the energy of a room. Here are our trendy decoration favorites with a list of local boutiques to find them.

Strong colors vs. pastel colors!

No more pale and soft colors! This year, the red thread of the decoration is in two words: audacity and comfort. These 2 inspirations are indeed at the center of the attention of decorators offering surprising and design creations. Without waiting, we let you plunge into our 2021 color palette.

The charming old pink


Old pink is the hot topic of the moment. Belonging to the range of rustic colors, old pink is nevertheless far from being outdated. This new nuance brings a romantic and contemporary touch adapted to all types of rooms. Moreover, old pink goes well with many colors such as brown, gray, off-white or other more unusual colors such as some soft shades of yellow, blue and green, while avoiding too sharp a contrast. Contrary to what its name suggests, old pink is far from being ancient history!

The spicy mustard yellow


We stay in the rustic colors with this very particular yellow. Already established as a trendy color for several seasons, mustard yellow does not seem decided to leave its place this year. It is a warm and original color that we could use to warm up our interiors. Moreover, contrary to what one might think, this hue goes well with all colors and boldly dresses the furniture . Don’t neglect mustard yellow, it will never go up to your nose!

The intense navy blue


A true source of originality, navy blue brings a breath of contemporary air into the world of interior decoration. This hue also has the advantage of effectively enhancing the value of other colors. Thus, navy blue can release the feeling of sobriety and a source of appeasement, something luxurious. You can also venture into shades of royal or electric blue for an ever more daring decoration.

Divine shades of green


This new year sees the birth of a true devotion to specific shades of green. These include olive green, forest green, and even persimmon. This year, it is the entire palette of green that is in demand, giving you access to new possibilities! Associated with nature and a return to basics, green is a real bubble of energy in your home!

We thus finish the discovery of this color palette without forgetting to mention the timeless Terracotta colors and also the gray which imposes itself as the new white! The return to nature, the comfort and the courage to innovate will be the key words of this 2021 color code!

Two inspiring looks from 2021 :

The Slow Deco :

The slow trend is growing and has recently entered the world of interior design. This movement can be summed up by a refined decoration, natural, recycled or handcrafted products. The idea is to create a trendy yet banished atmosphere. By the way, if you missed our article Slow Deco, go check it out!
An example of slow deco: take flowery prints, green plants delicately placed on rattan or pebble furniture, add recycled glass lights and mix it all together in a beautiful interior made of wood siding. The result is a slow, pure 2021 look that invites nature into your home. With successive containment measures, it has become imperative to create a natural bubble to recharge your batteries. NOW offers you some tools to create your own natural cocoon. We fell in love with the decoration models of Arcadia, Geneva boutique. Very pure and avant-garde, this Swiss decoration boutique offers you a beautiful model to start your slow room. Special mention for the collections of floors in ceramics, this year’s flagship material, but also in marble and wood. And not to forget the furniture, we suggest you take a look at the rattan and bamboo furniture collections Chic Cham in Prilly.

Elegance à la Scandinave :

A perfect blend of style and cocooning, the Scandinavian model offers a rich array of colors and textures for your interiors. The Scandinavian style is broad, so it can take on vintage, bohemian, sometimes even industrial aspects. As recurring pieces, we find light-colored floors, often parquet. For carpets, we find mostly curly wool or other very soft and warm materials that support the comforting side. Finally, furniture often includes very colorful pieces (often the colors mentioned above) with warm materials again like velvet for example, often with rounded shapes. We literally melt on this trendy cocoon which succeeds in making us travel while remaining nested under our plaid! For a unique Scandinavian moment, the NOW team advises you to visit the Danish Boutique present not only in Lausanne but also in Geneva. We have a big crush for their novelty, the Little Petra armchair. With its wool and its cozy shape, your evenings by the fire will take another angle!
Another little tip: the Japendi look, a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese inspiration for an interior halfway between travel and durability.

Our favorites decoration of 2021:

©Junique ©Elitis ©Atelier Yael

The Face line Art

The ultimate trend to personalize your decor. Discreet, graceful and fully customizable, your interior will never be the same as your neighbors’! Available only online for the moment, we hope to find a store soon!


Thanks to the Scandinavian style, velvet is at the center of the trends. You will find a wide range of sofas, armchairs, cushions and other velvet accessories at Grange – La boutique du sommeil in Geneva.

Handcrafted candles

Support the local trade and perfume your days with this wide range of handmade candles, ecological and full of new fragrances. Go to L’Atelier de Yael in Yverdon-les-Bains

The panoramic wallpapers

Elitis offers many possibilities of wallpapers with various motifs, from the jungle to the meadows of flowers. Escape to your own home! Sold in Geneva in the Lachenal boutique and in Lausanne at Uniquement Vôtre.

Leo Velvet Pouf,

Carpet San Francisco, La Boutique Danoise

Bamboo lantern, Chic Cham

Margot velvet armchair, Grange

Rattan table,
Chic Cham

Little Petra Armchair, La Boutique Danoise