26 September 2023

The book of the month – “Made in Korea” by Laure Mi Hyun Croset

by Redaction NOW Village

Made in Korea tells the story of a young French adoptee with Korean roots, a passion for video games and junk food, whose life is turned upside down when he learns he has diabetes.

Laure Mi Hyun Croset is a talented Swiss novelist, originally from Seoul. She has made a name for herself in the literary world, publishing several landmark works with BSN Press, including “On ne dit pas ‘je’!” in 2014, a poignant account of the life of a drug addict. In 2017, she enchanted readers with “S’escrimer à l’aimer”, a captivating epistolary novella. She transported us to the USA in 2019 with her micro-novel “Pop-corn girl”, exploring the emotions of a teenage girl. In addition, she also offered audiences a savory satirical novel, “Le beau monde”, published by Albin Michel in 2018.

Her latest book, “Made in Korea” (BSN Press & Okama), plunges us into the story of a young French adoptee with Korean origins, passionate about video games and junk food, whose life is turned upside down when he learns that he suffers from diabetes. He makes the drastic decision to leave everything behind and embark on a journey to South Korea, where he will practice taekwondo, savor the peninsula’s healthy cuisine and reconnect with the culture of his origins. However, his stay turns out to be far richer in discoveries and twists than he could have imagined, while being haunted by his inner demons that leave him little respite.

In “Made in Korea,” Laure Mi Hyun Croset presents us with a novel characterized by both melancholy and sweetness, enhanced by her distinctive caustic pen. Through the adventures of an anti-hero who returns to the land of his birth, a place that was virtually foreign to him when he left, but which has now become a trendy country thanks to the rise of hallyu (the wave of Korean cultural products), the author paints an entertaining picture, imbued with moments of initiation and touches of humor. She explores with finesse the complex links between culture, identity and the quest for self.

Made in Korea, by Laure Mi Hyun Croset – BSN Press & Okama Editions, 2023

Author’s photo credit on the header : © Aurélien Bergot

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Couverture Made in Korea de Laure Mi Hyun Croset

Made in Korea
Laure Mi Hyun Croset