03 October 2023

The most beautiful cowboy boots: the icon of Western fashion revisited

by Redaction NOW Village

Relive the rebellious essence of the West in style: Discover the season’s hottest cowboy boots

Fashion is constantly evolving, but there are some timeless pieces that transcend ephemeral trends and establish themselves as style icons. And cowboy boots are definitely one of them! Originating in the American West and originally worn by cowboys, they have become a symbol of bold, rebellious fashion. Over the decades, they have captured the hearts of fashion lovers the world over, evolving to suit different eras while retaining their distinctive essence. In this article, we explore these boots that continue to create a sensation on the catwalk and in the street.

The legacy of cowboy boots

The history of these boots dates back to the 19th century, when craftsmen in the American West created these rugged boots for cowboys working in the vast expanses of the desert. They were designed to withstand the rigors of cattle ranching and cattle driving, but it wasn’t long before their distinctive style caught the eye. With their pointed toe, beveled heels and elaborate stitching patterns, they were more than just work shoes. They became a fashion statement in themselves.

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The evolution of the cowboy boot

Over the decades, cowboy boots have evolved to suit contemporary fashion. Fashion designers around the world have revisited this Western classic, adding modern touches and high-quality materials. Today, there are a multitude of variations, from classic versions to ultra-chic models.
Among the most popular trends are minimalist boots. Elegant and uncluttered, they offer a subtle, refined Western look with their clean lines and sober colors. Ornate boots: For an exuberant touch, opt for boots decorated with embroidery, studs, fringe and intricate patterns. A tribute to Far West heritage! High-heeled boots: For special occasions and a bold look, high heels add a touch of glamour to your traditional outfit.

Cowboy Boots
Suede cowboy boots, H&M | Boots with double G and studs, GUCCI | Jane boots, PARIS TEXAS

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