05 October 2021

Books: 5 thrillers to devour

by Laëtitia Cadiou

A 100% Swiss selection to thrill to the pleasure of reading suspenseful books without forgetting the young.

So what if it’s raining? It’s the perfect time to stay calm and read a good book. Whether you’re a thriller fan or a newcomer to the world of thrillers, let yourself be swept up in these thrilling investigations with unbearable suspense. NOW has discovered some of the best Swiss authors in the field of crime fiction. Enjoy your reading!

Backstage by Pascal Parrone⎪ éditions Slatkine 

A real favorite for this second novel by Pascal Parrone, who has decided to plunge us into the world of music in French-speaking Switzerland to build a devouring investigation.
Led by its charismatic leader Alex, the Vaud rock band Blackout is called to replace a headliner at the last minute at the Venoge Festival. This is the starting point of an irresistible rise which, thanks to the formidable efficiency of their manager Léo Steiner, will lead Alex, Nils, Éric and Leila to the doors of an international success and the signature of a contract with a major. But a grain of sand could well compromise the realization of their dream…

Editions Slatkine

Frissons Suisses Collection⎪ éditions Auzou 

The 100% Swiss children’s detective story collection with all the ingredients of a detective story to keep our children from 9 years old on the edge of their seats. Beautiful stories associated with lively characters who go through irresistible investigations. Books written by high-flying authors who have succeeded in the challenge of adapting to the imagination of children to undoubtedly bring them to love reading. 
Latest titles in the collection: L’enlèvement d’Elisa by Harry Koumrouyan │Le Manoir Maudit by Marc Voltenauer│Marguerite et Madame de Staël tome 2 Le Rescapé du Lac by Philippine De Gréa

Éditions Auzou

Heresix by Nicolas Feuz ⎪ éditions Slatkine 

This public prosecutor by day and author by night delivers another breathtaking police investigation. 
In Cap d’Agde, little Maeva Tolzan disappears… In a ghost train running through the night between Béziers and Narbonne, Alexia celebrates her 18th birthday in the company of the boy she loves, but things are not going to happen as she dreamed…
Against a backdrop of black revenge and mafia crime, the characters of Prosecutor Feuz flourish in the sun of the Midi. They find there a new thickness, a different impunity. Nicolas Feuz plays with them, wanders through time – from the Cathars to the present day -, follows the twists and turns, loses the reader in dead ends and delivers, against a background of deaf brutality, a masterly plea against violence against women. You will be caught up in the suspense!

Balles neuves by Olivier Chapuis

And why not integrate his alter ego, a writer, to stage him with a national tennis star, Roger Federer, whom almost everyone adores. The character Axel Chang, a mediocre writer, a rather ordinary person with an orderly family life, becomes bitter in the face of the champion’s victories. Could a frustration lead to an irreparable obsession? A gripping novel, looking at human behavior in its vilest form.

Éditions BNS Presse Collection Fictio

Unconditional by Marlene Charine

An excellent second thriller by Lausanne-based Marlène Charine. The story begins when three kidnapped girls are returned safely to their families. The kidnapper has been shot during the assault and the case seems to be solved. But one thing leading to another, following the discovery of new clues, the mothers and the Chief of Police understand that the investigation has only just begun. A sensitive subject when we approach the theme of the abused child, how far can we go to avenge it? This is what the author has tried to analyze through this exciting story with a stimulating development. 

Collection : Calmann-Lévy Noir