12 October 2021

Jewelry – The signet ring, a jewel with character

by Laëtitia Cadiou

This ring imposes by its size and its strong symbolism. Timeless, it stands the test of time with grace and revives trends with elegance. NOW gives it back its letters of nobility.

The signet ring, also called sigil ring, is an ancestral jewel where one engraved one’s initials or coat of arms, thus allowing to affix one’s social origins. If the message and the symbol remain as strong as ever, we have succeeded in revisiting while keeping the majesty of this ring. Today, the signet ring has been revisited by major jewelry houses and modernized by young designers, and dresses a hand with personality.

The signet ring in the masculine is still present in the old nobility to identify their membership in a family and a tradition for some countries. It is often a gratification of the university at the end of its studies or that in the army to honor a career. 

How to wear it if not with personality, but as is the custom, the eldest of the family wears his signet ring on the left ring finger, as for the youngest of the family or women, they will wear it on the right little finger. In the past, in noble families, wearing the signet ring on the index finger was the symbol of power, now you can wear it as you wish even if the cultural heritage wanted women to orient the ring according to their family status. Wearing it as a “hand kiss” indicated that you were not in a committed relationship, while wearing it as a “brawl”, upside down, meant that you were already promised to a man.

After all these rules of propriety to wear his signet ring place to fashion and trends without limit.

Arthus Bertrand and the signet ring, a story that continues

Arthus Bertrand, this French jewelry house, remains very attached to customs, an exceptional know-how that has endured since 1803.  The signet rings are made by hand using the stamping process: the gold is hot-stamped to create a rough ring before being forged on a mandrel to the size of the finger. Once the signet ring is made, the coat of arms is engraved by hand by master heralds. This is how your signet ring becomes a unique and personal piece. CODE, is a collection launched in 2018, we find all the codes of the signet ring with a very contemporary design. 

Tiffany 1837™ Makers, Tiffany & Co

Black onyx paired with gold brings all the power to this men’s ring design from the Tiffany 1837™ Makers collection. The bold style of this signet ring blends perfectly with casual styles than with that of dressy outfits. A men’s model, but one that we will easily see worn for women.
Rue du Rhône 21, 1204 Geneva

Collection Zodiaque, APM Monaco

The little rock touch for this signet ring inspired by the constellation Leo from the Zodiac collection of APM Monaco. A model of signet ring which will make the happiness of those in search of modern pieces at a very soft price. A ring set with white stones, it will perfectly complete your mix and match. APM Shop 

Find the APM Monaco boutiques in Geneva and Zurich.

The HRJewelry workshops in Geneva realize the signet ring of your dreams

The Swiss artist Robin Haefeli creates custom jewelry inspired by the beauty of the world and current trends, offering you a first rendering in 3D before finalizing your jewelry. Whether you want to add your initials, an engraved message or your totem animal, the craziest signet rings can be made with high quality materials and precious stones and the guarantee of 100% Swiss made.
Rue Verdaine, 16 in Geneva

By Olga Ribler and her ring Helvetia

Ring Namensring
Ring Helvetia

The small Swiss brand By Olga Ribler offers many models of signet ring style. The Helvetia model is a beautiful tribute to our dear Swiss. This ring is one of its bestsellers available in white, pink and yellow rhodium-plated 18Kt gold. You can also put your initials on the name ring, another emblematic model of By Olga Ribler jewelry.
Find the boutiques on

Stella little finger Chevalière,
Arthus Bertrand

HR Jewelry

Helvetia ring,
By Olga Ribler

Zodiac Collection,
APM Monaco

Makers Chevalière in 18K gold and black onyx,
Tiffany & Co

Ring Namesring
By Olga Ribler