18 June 2024

Book of the month – La fabrique de l’excellence : Histoire de Rolex by Pierre-Yves Donzé

by Redaction NOW Village

The first independent book to trace the history and secrets of the world’s most powerful watchmaking House.

Rolex, the world’s leading watch brand for over fifty years, had never been the subject of a book based on independent historical research. This is now the case with “The Factory of Excellence: The Rolex Story”, written by one of the world’s leading specialists in the history of the watch industry.

Based on a meticulous examination of archives kept in Switzerland, the United States and Great Britain, this book offers a unique insight into the conditions that enabled Rolex to dominate the world market. The author explores the initial trials and tribulations of Hans Wilsdorf, the brand’s founder, who sought to develop an original watch between the wars. Wilsdorf, visionary and persevering, laid the foundations of what was to become an iconic watchmaking brand.

The book also looks at the revolutionary marketing strategy implemented in the 1960s by André Heiniger, Wilsdorf’s successor. Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the American advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, Heiniger was able to propel Rolex to the status of a global symbol of individual success and prestige. This key period in Rolex’s history is detailed in detail, highlighting the importance of the strategic choices and innovative partnerships that shaped the brand’s image.

“The author has captured the essence of Rolex’s evolution, paying tribute not only to technical precision and innovation, but also to entrepreneurial daring and marketing vision,” explains one reviewer. This lavishly illustrated book skilfully blends historical narrative and marketing analysis, offering readers a complete immersion in the Rolex universe.

From anecdotes about early successes to detailed analyses of iconic advertising campaigns, every page of “The Factory of Excellence” reveals a little-known facet of Rolex’s history. It is a must-read for anyone wishing to understand the phenomenal success of the Swiss watchmaking industry and the rise of a brand that, more than a watch, represents a lifestyle and an achievement.

In short, “The Manufacture of Excellence: The Rolex Story” is a compelling narrative that not only enriches our knowledge of the watch industry, but also pays tribute to Rolex’s enduring legacy. This book is essential reading for watch enthusiasts, historians and anyone interested in the history of great brands.

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La fabrique de l’excellence : Histoire de Rolex
Pierre-Yves Donzé
Éditions Livreo Alphil