10 December 2021

New NOW: The new beauty products tested and adopted.

by Redaction NOW Village

Tired eyes, dull skin, damaged hands, we took a look at the latest innovations to regain beautiful skin.

Shiseido reformulates its already multi-awarded serum to enhance skin protection. Featuring an all-new technology that boosts blood circulation, promoting oxygenation and cell nutrition. The skin is moisturized and healthy and the signs of aging are reduced. A soothing fragrance adds the final touch for a true sensory experience.
We also applaud the refillable bottle and the packaging made from paper from ecologically responsible forests.

©Shiseido ©Clarins

A rejuvenating treatment just for your eyes! Clarins’ new Double Eye Serum is beneficial and effective thanks to its 96% natural formula enriched with 13 plant extracts. It fulfills all the skin’s vital functions. An ideal texture, adapted to the delicate skin of the eye contour area to quickly feel a soothing effect and the skin looks younger and more rested.

Mavala Switzerland is well known for its specific hand care ranges. Its new product: Prebiotic Hand Cream, a real miracle for hands that have been badly treated lately by disinfectants and too many washes. It provides all the nutrients that considerably improve the dryness of the skin and soothes the feeling of tightness, it penetrates easily to leave a soft skin and a subtle perfume.
Little tip: apply a thick layer in the evening to activate the renewal of the skin flora during the night, your hands will find a second youth.


It is unanimously acclaimed! The Crème Originelle created by L’Aubalieu – Swiss Laboratoty, this young Swiss brand, is distinguished by its absolute knowledge of plants. The Originelle cream is 100% natural, just like its formulation, and is composed of a variety of plants with numerous virtues. The nigella protects and nourishes the skin, the myrtle, a natural purifier and detoxifier, the white lily helps to prevent brown spots and the laminaria algae, it promotes the synthesis of collagen that improves the elasticity of the skin. To be combined with the Original Serum to intensify hydration.
Special mention for its cream dispenser, so practical, a simple pressure of the finger for a perfect dosage without having to touch the care. 

Another new product from Caudalie, in the Vinergetic C+ range, the Instant Detox Mask cleanses the skin of all its impurities, eliminates excess sebum and tightens pores. The skin is clean and clear and the complexion is radiant from the first use. A vegan and fragrance-free formula that is suitable for all skin types. 

©Douces Angevines ©Caudalie

Spotted at Bea Boutique, our expert in natural and organic products, the brand Douces Angevines and its make-up remover fluid Fantômette. A plant-based fluid with St. John’s wort that cleanses and removes makeup effectively and gently. It eliminates all impurities while respecting the balance of your epidermis, and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being. The make-up removal routine becomes a pure pleasure.

Energizing Activator Serum, Shiseido

Prebiotic Hand Cream, Mavala

Double Serum Eye,

La Crème Originelle,

Instant Detox Mask Vinergetic C+, Caudalie

Tonic Lotion, Béa Boutique