14 December 2021

Holiday chocolates, yes, but Swiss!

by Laetitia Socquet


The holiday season is the perfect occasion to share delicious Swiss chocolate creations. Discover our selection of the best holiday chocolates to please your guests or offer a gourmet gift.

If chocolates and their boxes are so popular at Christmas or New Year’s, it’s thanks to the traditional know-how and imagination of Swiss master chocolatiers, who combine flavors and textures to delight us. This year’s holiday season, our Swiss creators have more than enough to impress you! Here is the NOW selection of chocolates to be found in the four corners of Switzerland or online, to start the year 2022 in a sweet way.

Philippe Pascoët (Geneva) – Cocoa notes with intense colors and tastes

The Philippe Pascoët chocolate assortment box is colorful, surprising and varied, perfect for holiday giving. The assortment contains chocolates with flavors of aromatic herbs, spices, tea, fruit pulp, and great wines. Enough to make your guests drool!

Martel Chocolatier (Geneva) – The emblematic powdered chocolate block

An icon of the House of Martel for more than 200 years, the chocolate pavé fondant. The “Pavé de Carouge” box contains 28 chocolates from Latin America’s finest cocoa beans, all powdered with cocoa: a delight.

©Philippe Pascoët ©Martel

Läderach (Vevey) – The “FrischSchoggi” to offer

The Läderach bestseller “FrischSchoggi” needs no introduction. These famous broken chocolate bars with various flavors will make an impression at Christmas time. For the pleasure of the little ones, Läderach has created “Barry”, a little Christmas Saint Bernard made of chocolate to be eaten!

Durig Chocolatier (Lausanne) – High cocoa content, fair trade and organic chocolates

For purists and lovers of high cocoa content chocolate, this box is for you. The chocolates contain pure cocoa butter, with a sweet and intense flavor. Durig chocolates are organic and respect the ethical standards regarding the source of their cocoa.

©Läderach ©Durig Chocolatier

Blondel (Lausanne) – Rustic and refined truffles

Blondel revisits the great classics of chocolate specialties, a real favorite this year! Two recipes particularly caught our attention for their originality: the champagne truffles and the rustic truffles in the shape of sticks.

Max Chocolatier (Lucerne) – Vegan chocolates

Would you like to offer your vegan loved ones some good artisanal chocolate? Max Chocolatier has created this year a vegan box for this occasion. Praline creations from a master chocolatier, gluten-free and lactose-free.

©Blondel ©Max Chocolatier

Teuscher (Zürich) – Traditional Chocolates

Find all the flavors and sweets of the past at the Teuscher confectionery. The Teuscher Christmas box with its old-fashioned design contains their best assortment of truffles and pralines. It will make you fall back in childhood!

Cailler (Broc) – Holiday Chocolate Boxes

Like every year, we look forward to the Cailler chocolate boxes. For Christmas, share with your family a box filled with white, milk or dark chocolate pralines when you open your presents. Finally, celebrate the New Year by savoring sparkling pralines. A unique taste experience that will surprise everyone.

©Teuscher ©Cailler

Assortment box,
Philippe Pascoët

Case Pavement of Carouge,

Barry with cap,

Box of champagne truffles,

Box of organic and fair trade chocolates, Durig

FrischSchoggi™ bateau petit, Läderach


Box of 12 vegan winter chocolates, Max Chocolatier

Boîte de truffes rustiques,

Christmas box,