21 September 2021

Le Corbusier and color

by Marie Carrecabe

©Pavillon Le Corbusier

The Pavillon Le Corbusier, the last building of the world-renowned Swiss architect, offers an exclusive exhibition entitled “Le Corbusier and Color”.

It is no coincidence that the Le Corbusier Pavilion was chosen to exhibit Le Corbusier’s theme of color. First of all, this architectural jewel on the shores of Lake Zurich is the perfect showroom because of its steel and glass construction, which allows light to penetrate the entire pavilion and revive the colors of the rooms inside and outside.

©Pavillon Le Corbusier

Moreover, the pavilion is Le Corbusier’s very last design, completed in 1967, two years after the architect’s unexpected death. For the artist who made color an integral part of his architectural design, it represents the culmination of his lifelong obsession with color in architecture. The building features a floating roof and brightly colored panels reminiscent of the Rubik’s Cube, constituting a departure from the purist conception of Architectural Polychromy created by the architect in 1931.

©Pavillon Le Corbusier

Like an initiatory journey to the heart of the artist’s vision, the exhibition retraces the main stages of Le Corbusier’s polychromy in a hundred photographs, originals and plans. It shows that his unique position has lost none of its topicality or its power of fascination. The exhibition’s plus: some pieces that have never been exhibited before and three large-scale installations that offer a sensory experience of color.

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