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22 August 2023

Museum Tinguely in Basel 

by Redaction NOW Village

© Museum Tinguely, Bâle, photo : Daniel Spehr

The Museum Tinguely in Basel is an iconic venue dedicated to kinetic art and the work of the famous Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. Located in the heart of the city of Basel in Switzerland, this unique museum pays tribute to kinetic art, characterised by sculptures and machines in motion.

The museum host an impressive collection of works by Jean Tinguely, an avant-garde 20th-century artist best known for his moving sculptures and ingenious artistic assemblages. His creations, often made from industrial materials and waste, are a fascinating blend of humour, ingenuity and commentary on the society of his time..

The museum

Visitors to Museum Tinguely have the chance to explore various interactive installations and discover the artist’s playful world. The sculptures on display sometimes come to life, creating a unique experience that attracts the attention of art lovers from all over the world.

Gwendolyn (1966), Niki de Saint Phalle © 2022 Museum Tinguely, Basel; photo: Daniel Spehr | Schwimmwasserplastik (1980), Jean Tinguely © 2022 Museum Tinguely, Basel; photo: Daniel Spehr | Grosse Méta-Maxi-Maxi-Utopia (1987), Jean Tinguely © 2022 ProLitteris Zurich, Photo Museum Tinguely, Basel, Serge Hasenböhler

In addition to the works of Jean Tinguely, the museum also presents temporary exhibitions featuring contemporary artists who draw inspiration from kinetic art and movement in their creations. The building itself is an interesting piece of architecture, designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta. With its bold, modern design, it provides an ideal setting for showcasing Tinguely’s dynamic works.

The Museum Tinguely is a must-see for art and creative engineering enthusiasts. It embodies the innovative spirit of Jean Tinguely and leaves a lasting impression on all those lucky enough to visit it in Basel.

Exhibition La roue = c’est tout

From now until spring 2025, a new presentation of the Museum Tinguely’s collection : La roue = c’est tout. According to Tinguely, “we live in a civilisation of the wheel”. The relationship between man and machine still determines our lives today, as do the resulting dependencies that Tinguely set out to deconstruct. For the first time since the museum was founded, the entire collection of works by the artist is once again on show in the Great Hall. An eclectic exhibition programme with a host of participatory activities will enable visitors to discover his youthful work, imbued with fragility and poetry, the explosive actions and collaborations of the 1960s, and his latest, darker musical and monumental works.

Jean Tinguely with Moulin à Prière in the Gallery Iolas, Paris, 1963 © Museum Tinguely, Basel; photo: Monique Jacot | Installation view of the exhibition La roue = c’est tout with works from Jean Tinguely © Museum Tinguely, Basel; photo: Daniel Spehr

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Museum Tinguely
Paul Sacher-Anlage 1, 4058 Basel
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Opening Times

Tuesday to Sunday 11 – 18h
Open Thursdays until 21h
Closed on Mondays