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27 February 2024

Exhibition – Glaciers: A World in Motion

by Laëtitia Cadiou

From 22 February to 29 September, a captivating exhibition evokes the majestic beauty of Swiss glaciers, while highlighting their fragility facing environmental challenges.

Glaciers cover just 3% of Switzerland’s total surface area, but they are deeply rooted in the country’s history and identity. Unfortunately, most of them are in danger of disappearing in the medium term, a sad testimony to the impact of human activity on our environment and the vulnerability of these colossuses of ice.

This exhibition not only presents static images, it goes further by using installations, images, sounds and interactive devices to showcase the organic and constantly moving nature of these fascinating and intriguing territories. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of glaciers, to understand their importance and evolution, while reminding us of the need to protect our planet for future generations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the magic and vulnerability of our Swiss glaciers at this immersive exhibition, which promises to enlighten and educate on a crucial environmental issue.

exhibition glaciers
exhibition glaciers

Around the exhibition

At MHL / Free admission / 1h 

Solving old riddles by modelling glacier dynamics
Guillaume Jouvet, Professor of Glaciology, UNIL (FGSE, CIRM).
Thursday 21 March at 6pm

Glaciers: past, present and future
Christophe Ogier, PhD in glaciology at VAW-EPFZ, mountain guide and winner of the Piolet d’Or 2023 award.
Wednesday 24 April at 6pm

Glaciers and mountain populations, A long common history
Amédée Zryd, doctor of natural sciences and physical engineer
Tuesday 11 June at 6pm

Guided tours

Explore the exhibition
With Laurent Golay (director, MHL) or Claude-Alain Künzi (curator, MHL)
Wednesday 17 April at 6pm Wednesday 5 June at 6pm. Registration required / free / duration 1h

Discussing the Aletsch Negative installation
With Laurence Bonvin, artist Saturday 28 September at 4pm. Registration required / free / 1h

A two-voice stroll, Traces Glaciers in Lausanne
with Gilles Borel (chief curator, Naturéum, geology department) and Claude-Alain Künzi (curator, MHL)
Saturday 25 May at 2pm, registration required / free / duration 1h30

Glaciers : Un monde en mouvements
22.02.2024 – 29.09.2024
Place de la Cathédrale, 4
1005 Lausanne
Site : MuséeHistoriqueLausanne