Spicy Girls Kitchen

Spicy Girls Kitchen offers gourmet spicy jams, created with passion by a duo of friends. Inspired by family recipes, these unique jams feature bold combinations of ingredients such as chillies, peppers and ginger. They offer an exceptional taste experience and can be enjoyed throughout the day with a variety of foods. Discover the original flavors of Spicy Girls Kitchen and transform your meals into unique sensory experiences.

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Peperoncino – Chili Pepper Jam

Clementine, Yellow Chili Pepper Jam

Apricot Chili Pepper Jam

Blueberry & Black Pepper Jam

Pear & Ginger Jam

Plum & Rocoto Chili Pepper Jam

SGK n°1 Coffee Liqueur

Set of 6 50g jams

Luxury Gift Box Jams & Liqueur

Luxury Gift Box 6 Flavors