CriolloQuetzal is the leading Swiss boutique for lovers of exceptional dark chocolate. Their specialists travel the world in search of the finest products, made exclusively by artisan chocolate-makers in cocoa-producing countries.

Direct trade, committed, ethical and sustainable, let yourself be seduced by CriolloQuetzal. More than a hundred award-winning chocolate references, delivered directly to your door.

From Brazil to Vietnam, from Madagascar to Jamaica, via India and Mexico, discover exquisitely flavored chocolates, made with the world’s finest cocoas, in short circuits and with total traceability.

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LikkleMore Ginger [Jamaica]

Metiche Cardamom & coffee [Mexico]

Luisa Abram Rio Juruá [Brazil]

Momotombo Chili [Nicaragua]

Baianí Tapioca & coco [Brazil]

Cárdenas Jipijapa Coffee [Ecuador]

Krakakoa Salt & pepper [Indonesia]

Auro Cacao nibs [Philippines]

Latitude Vanilla & sesame [Uganda]

FuWan Red Jade tea [Taiwan]

TBros Dak Lak [Vietnam]

Definite Cassava & salt [Dominican Republic]

Junglegold Peppermint [Indonesia]

Soklet Hibiscus & pumpkin seeds [India]

Menakao Combava & pink pepper [Madagascar]