27 December 2022

DR Burgener Switzerland – between technology and personalized treatments

by Eugénie Rousak

By merging cutting-edge technologies with aesthetic treatments and regenerative anti-ageing medicine, Dr. Burgener Switzerland has created its own holistic approach to skin treatment. Focusing on the principle of better aging, the company deploys its philosophy in its Lausanne clinic B-mediC, as well as in some twenty luxury spas around the world.

Today, under the name of Dr. Burgener, an entire high-end empire is dedicated to the needs and pleasures of the skin. On the one hand, there is the B-mediC clinic, which, in a holistic approach, brings together surgery, medicine, aesthetics, nutrition and sports coaching under one roof. There is also a laboratory based in Switzerland, which produces customized treatments based on a global assessment of the skin, and sometimes even the hair. Finally, there is a network of luxury hotels, whose therapists are trained by the House to perform skin analyses and thus adapt the treatment according to different generic rituals. In total, some 40 people work around the world for this Swiss alchemical gem, which blurs the boundaries between medicine, science and cosmetics. Behind this avant-garde and innovative concept is a woman, Dr. Pauline Burgener. 

A mix of flavors

The adventure under the name of Burgener begins in two geographically different places. On the one hand, there is Pauline, born in Lebanon, but who through the hazards of life will become a woman of the world. After a peaceful childhood in Beirut, she is brought by her family to Brazil to escape the war that breaks out. Thus, at the age of 12, she finds herself in a new culture, but also in the absolute freedom of the 70s and 80s. After seven years of experiences in the colors of Rio, she will cross the Atlantic Ocean again, this time to settle in Lausanne. She began her studies in biology. It was at this time that she, a dark-haired woman with a matte complexion and a wealth of international experience, met Hervé Burgener, a Valaisan with blue eyes, who had always lived at 12, rue du Midi in Lausanne. The paradox of alchemy! Speaking of the address, it is well known in Lausanne circles because it has also been occupied since 1955 by the cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Marc Burgener. “After 15 years of studies on skin and anti-ageing, I decided to take over the clinic of my father-in-law, my husband’s father, in 1995, in order to develop a global approach to ageing, better ageing. Fundamental research is of course very interesting and helps to develop knowledge about the evolution of the skin, but I wanted to move on to use and practice. It was essential for me to apply the most advanced technologies and knowledge to women and men to help them age better in our environment of stress, pollution and permanent imbalances,” explains Pauline Burgener, who is now surrounded by two partners, Doctor Nicolas Chami and Doctor Hadrien Loton. The first is a plastic surgeon, specialized in aesthetic medicine and the use of stem cells, while the second has focused on regenerative medicine and anti-ageing. The founder’s family has also joined the project, including her sister Nadine, who is in charge of the Middle East market, her brother Pierre and her husband Hervé. A true family business! And the B-mediC clinic is still located at the already known 12, rue du Midi, in Lausanne.

Doctor Nicolas Chami and Doctor Pauline Burgener

The creative epicenter

The clinic is the true representation of the entire philosophy of the House. Within the same walls, different ways of understanding and treating not only beauty problems, but also the general balance, which has a definite influence on the state of the skin, are combined and interact. Thus, manual treatments, such as drainage or the Art of Massage for example, are mixed with the latest technological advances, including cryotherapy, mesotherapy, laser, ultrasound or LPG. In addition to aesthetic medicine with hyaluronic acid, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) or the use of stem cells, there is nutritional and sports follow-up. “The clinic is the grail of the Dr. Burgener Switzerland brand because our history began here and it is also here that the products and protocols of our treatments are born”, emphasizes the creator of the brand. And speaking of products, a whole concept of Haute Couture cosmetics has made the reputation of the House today!

Alchimie à la carte, the Haute Couture of skin care

“For maximum results, the treatment must be perfectly adapted to the state of the skin and to health in general. To do this, with my team of dermatologists, we have created methods for analyzing the epidermis through about twenty parameters, such as hydration, the quantity of lipids, elasticity, pigmentation, the depth of wrinkles and pores, etc., which lasts about an hour. The results of a blood test, a hair sample or a genetic examination on saliva can complete this assessment. The conclusions are then discussed between the dermatologists, the doctors and myself,” explains the founder. The result of this consultation takes shape in the laboratory with the creation of a unique therapy box for a period of three months. These products will then be used by the client as well as during the treatments performed at the institute. “For example, if the skin suffers from too much pigmentation, we will use mesotherapy to open the pores and introduce elements such as glutathione, a protein that dissolves pigments and prevents their reappearance,” explains Pauline Burgener. But why only three months? “In general, the complete regeneration cycle of the skin is 28 days, so after three months it has made a huge evolution, so we must change the products and completely readapt the treatment!”

Haute Couture consultation and tailor-made care products

The spa experience

Rather than working with boutiques or beauty institutes, Dr Burgener Switzerland decided to create partnerships with luxury hotel spas. A rather surprising strategy, but one that finally allowed the company to be in line with its philosophy. From the USA to the United Arab Emirates, including Morocco, Greece and Switzerland, the brand pampers clients in some 20 establishments. “The hotels also have this holistic vision with a complete space with sauna, hammam, Iyashi Dome and treatment rooms, but also sports coaching in the fitness room and a nutritional approach in the restaurant, which together allow for a real cure,” says the founder. The therapists are not only trained to carry out the treatments, but also to analyze the skin’s condition and needs in order to select the right treatment. “Dehydrated does not mean delipidated, the former is a lack of water, while the latter is a lack of nutrition, the action plans are completely different while the concepts are regularly confused!” smiles Pauline Burgener. The brand has therefore developed a wide range of ready-to-wear products. For example, the repairing line contains green caviar extract from Japan, the nourishing line is based on royal jelly and honey, while the lifting ritual is based on hyaluronic acid and collagen. With its strong attachment to Swiss nature, the company also uses well-known regional ingredients, such as glacier water, Alpine plant extracts and the mythical Edelweiss. “Specialized laboratories are able to extract the stem cells of these flowers, known for their antioxidant and anti-free radical properties. Even if we use plants and have some organic products, the objective of the brand is above all to integrate technological progress and science in our bottles” specifies Dr. Burgener.

Dr Pauline Burgener and her team ©Etienne Claret

With its DNA deeply rooted in Switzerland, the company prides itself on its know-how, its quality and its taste for innovation. From product design to packaging, production and manufacturing, everything is made in Switzerland. The brand has also given real thought to sustainability, directing its decisions towards the protection of nature and social causes. For example, the packaging has been rethought with the use of glass bottles and the choice of recycled paper from sugar cane or from responsibly cultivated forests. The brand also uses sewing workshops based in disadvantaged regions to help women in these countries gain independence. From India to the Middle East, commitment is an important part of the brand’s values and vision of authentic luxury. “Luxury should also serve important causes and help others to improve their standard of living,” concludes Pauline Burgener.