12 January 2021

Food trend: Detox cures

by Juliette Weiss

If for you too the holidays have been synonymous with logs, bubbles and slight excesses, this trend should please you. It’s all about well-being, great ingredients and even anti-aging virtues … So, for less carbohydrates and more lightness, NOW guides you through the universe of these cures with (almost) magical powers.

We are interested here in the juice cure. Concretely it is a question of consuming, during a given period of time, raw fruits and vegetables in the form of liquids. Juices, soups, smoothies, the choice is varied and the tastes and benefits too. We forget about fatty acids and focus on the right ingredients. The ideal is to start with a 5-day course of treatment, then gradually reintegrate starchy foods and proteins into the daily diet. Not to be confused with a diet, detox cures help to restore the intestinal flora and contribute to a nutritional rebalancing as well as to reboost our immune system. A purifying technique, ideal for eliminating toxins.

Juicing trend

Very fashionable this cure consists in betting on cold pressed fruit juices (and vegetable mixes). This method of extraction not only preserves the essential nutrients and enzymes of the plants but also makes them directly assimilable by the body. If you want to make your own juices, you must purchase an extractor (not a centrifuge). Otherwise, we have selected for you “ready-to-use” cures, real vitamin condensates, available in Switzerland. What could be better?

Detox corner 

It is in Carouge that we discover Detox corner, a brand specializing in high-end fresh juices.
Let yourself be tempted by the active green cure: with 5 green juices per day, a Detox water and a vegan milk, this cure, whose organic fruit and vegetable-based juices are mainly from Geneva agriculture, can be consumed for 3 days. Amateur of green vegetables, it is made for you. We also like vegan milk with a sweet flavor, ideal to finish on a touch of sweetness …


We fell in love with Fit’n’tasty, the Swiss brand of diet cures, and more particularly for the After Party cure. Specially designed to help you recover from the excesses of the end of the year, we taste the natural concentrates of fruits, plants, and seeds, all for a complete reboot. We love the Matcha Shot: Pineapple, apple, ginger, matcha, and we follow step by step all the details thanks to the preparation guide, delivered with the cure. A must-try.

Soup trend

Super foods

A winter version of the juice cure, this one is more comforting and just as active. It is also practiced to detoxify the body and acts on the skin, limiting its aging thanks to antioxidants. On the program? Soup (including fruit soup), six times a day for three days. For the main meals, we alternate with mushroom, pumpkin, broccoli or artichoke soups for example. For the sweet note, we opt for pumpkin, or sweet potatoes, apples and cinnamon.

Indispensable for any good cure, we choose products with a strong nutritional potential. Small list of our super heroes:
fruits: acerola, blackcurrant, goji berry, walnut, pomegranate …
vegetables: artichoke, spinach, beet, broccoli, avocado, Kale cabbage, etc…
seeds: chia seeds, sesame, carob, sunflower …
spices: clove, turmeric, oregano, cinnamon…
Obviously, we know that changing our diet is not enough to get our body back on the right track, so we complement it with physical activity and good sleep management, which is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

*If it has many health benefits, detoxification should be monitored and should not be practiced if you are pregnant or have any health problems. Medical advice is essential.