19 January 2021

Gentleman’s Club – Perfumes, the male’s flowers

by Laëtitia Cadiou

Woody, musky, leather or even spicy notes, so many notes that are often associated with men’s fragrances, and if we reverse the steam to sprinkle ourselves with floral and delicate perfumes. Here are a few floral and fragrant ideas for the man with a changing mood. 

Aqua Di Giò by Armani

This Eau de Parfum has become iconic at the House of Armani. A scent of aquatic hyacinth opens with a burst of Calabrian bergamot, neroli and green mandarin full of freshness. Light aquatic accents blend with the scent of jasmine, refreshing helianthus, rosemary, fruity khaki and warm Indonesian patchouli to create a fresh and sensual men’s fragrance. It is the evocation of a walk by the sea not far from a Mediterranean garden.

Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

It is a very elegant perfume, it delicately dresses the man who cares about his appearance and for whom every detail is important. A fresh and dominant entry of lavender blends with a deeper and more sublime intense fern to present the facets of purity and vivacity of the Beau de Jour fragrance. The heart then unfolds with notes of African Rosemary, Geranium flower and a subtle hint of mint, a powerful contrast to the warmth provided by oak moss and the energy of basil. For the masculine and base notes: patchouli and amber.

Gentleman Cologne by Givenchy 

An electrifying classic and so elegant thanks to fresh citrus and iris. The cologne takes on a new lease of life and invites Bergamot, Lemon and Rosemary to install an invigorating energy that the notes of Musk and Vetiver come to soften. A spirited fragrance for free spirits, guided only by their instincts. A concentrate of vitality to let go and feel the adrenaline rush.

Rose exaltante by Mizensir Genève

This eau de parfum created and produced in Switzerland won’t leave you cold, it’s a real sensory journey that its creator, Alberto Morillas, offers you! The Bulgarian rose thrones like a troubling olfactory queen, but the crowning glory is absolute, thanks to the notes of pink pepper and blue camomile, spicing up the composition with accuracy. The animal instinct takes over with the styrax from Honduras and the oud wood from Laos. A sensual and flowery journey for a modern and versatile man.

Gardenia Collection Heritage by Penhaligon’s

This great House of perfumery created in 1870 by William.H.Penhaligon, a humble Cornish barber who rose to the royal court, still breathes majesty into its fragrances through the most unexpected olfactory combinations. Majestic pearl in the crown of the flowery garden, Gardenia is an eau de toilette of moving elegance. Fresh rhubarb and bergamot combine in perfect harmony with creamy gardenia and exhilarating vanilla. Gardenia from Penhaligon’s Heritage collection is sure to appeal to contemporary dandies.