13 October 2020

7 Swiss artisanal brands to discover

by Laetitia Socquet

Et si on commençait par favoriser des créateurs suisses pour faire son shopping. Ils mettent toute leur énergie pour proposer des produits originaux, respectueux de l’environnement et surtout, fabriqués avec le cœur. Beaucoup de ces créateurs se sont lancés par passion, par envie de changement, envie d’un monde meilleur.

Let’s start by favoring Swiss designers for shopping. They put all their energy to propose original products, respectful of the environment and especially, made with the heart. Many of these creators have launched themselves out of passion, out of a desire for change, a desire for a better world.
Do you want to promote local creativity and the “Made in Switzerland” of our beautiful regions? We transport you today in 3 universes of local production: jewelry, decoration and cosmetics. You will love it!


©Rita & Zia
©L’Atelier Genthod

First favorite on the jewelry side: Soloona. The brand proposes a sober universe, evoking the union of the sun and the moon. Handcrafted, these jewels combine wood, gold and silver. They will seduce you by their harmonious character and their elegance. The creators of Soloona privilege the local supply of their materials as well as the recovery.

The Rita & Zia boutique takes you into its chic universe with a bohemian spirit. Their jewels are strewn with pearls and precious stones and are of an undeniable quality and originality. In her workshop, the designer shares her passion and know-how in each of her jewelry pieces. A local and trendy brand, to discover absolutely!

Atelier Genthod offers handmade jewelry with semi-precious stones. Not only a specialist in jewelry creation, the founder of Atelier Genthod also makes curtains, cushions, masks and offers clothing alterations. A workshop full of surprises!


©Genève Céramique

On the decoration side, we fell under the Spanish charm of the Ylune lamps. In the shape of a tube, these lights are both chic and airy. Our favorite model: the dancers. A floor lamp that will not go unnoticed in your living room! Each of their models is handcrafted, making it unique.

Always in the spirit of craftsmanship, Genève Céramique makes lamps, dishes and pots. You can imagine a design or an idea, and it will be created by the workshop, on order. Choose the colors, the texture, the designs, the glaze and personalize your objects! These ceramic objects are also a great gift idea.


©Belle Luce

Belle Luce is a cosmetic brand that has taken up residence in the Swiss mountains. We fell in love with it! The creator cultivates her own garden of plants, which are then used for the cosmetic manufacturing. The particularity of this brand: hemp. It is a plant with medicinal properties that Belle Luce combines in its skin care products. Of an incomparable natural quality and 100% Swiss. You won’t be able to do without it!

To finish in beauty, TerAter offers to take care of your body: balms, shea butters, soaps, exfoliants and oils, everything is there! The brand’s ambition is to get closer to local Swiss producers, thus favoring short circuits: everything we like! In addition, their products are available in more than thirty stores in the region.

Genève Céramique

Necklace Chakra Ajna,
Rita & Zia


Bio and vegan soap,

Atelier Genthod

Lamp Ananas,

Ring Isis Scarab’,
Rita & Zia

Belle Luce