27 October 2020

The bourgeois trend of the season: The bow

by Maria José Aguilar Soriano

l©Chanel, Alessandro Lucioni /

This is not the first time the bow has appeared on the catwalks. But for this Autumn/Winter 20 season, we have been spoiled! The bow is the bourgeois trend of the season. Focus on this timeless trend.

The bow trend triumphed on the podiums such as at Emporio Armani, Chanel and Saint Laurent. Fashion houses have incorporated them into their collections, making bows the centerpiece of the look. Whether it is feminine, masculine, glamorous or avant-garde, the knot goes with almost everything! And we love that!
After the trend of green and red, we now have this bourgeois trend: the bow.

Seen in the fashion shows

The chic

Chanel remains faithful to its values and proposes a subtle bow with a touch of elegance and modernity by placing it as a collar on a tweed mini dress, the House’s reference. Chanel has also conquered us with its slightly oversized bow, which reminds us of the male accessory par excellence: the tie. Nevertheless we find the feminine side of Chanel with the cross necklace placed on the knot.
Style idea: your favorite knot associated with your jewelry can only give a very elegant look.

The Lavallière

Saint Laurent has brought back in this season’s Fall/Winter collection the Lavallière blouse, also known as the pussycat knot blouse. This knotted blouse, named after Duchess Louise de La Vallière, has been a household name. Indeed, the retro style and the versatility of the knot allows you to have control over your day’s look.
Style Idea: Lavaliere remains chic but can be combined with glamorous and feminine looks as well as more androgynous ones.

The masculine

Celine bets on a very masculine look by using the bow as a bow tie. The House presents a modern look with structured blazers using the bow tie for a retro look. The bow at Celine is not colored, and remains in easy-to-wear colors.
Style idea: As Celine shows, the bow adds a masculine touch when combined with a blazer and sober colors. Ideal for a very androgynous look.

The oversize

Emporio Armani and Martin Margiela both display oversized knots. This one is only for the bravest! By associating this type of bow with a long winter coat or a casual jacket, it becomes the key piece of the look. Armani favors the total black look and Margiela proposes a flagship color of the season: khaki.
Style idea: For the most hesitant, we associate the oversize bow to a light and thin jacket.

Shop in the boutiques

We found several nuggets in local stores and brands so you can wear the bow trend without worries. The bow is found on many clothes, whether it’s an evening dress, a beautiful blouse or pants and shorts; the bow is versatile!

Discreet and refined, the bow is one of this season’s iconic accessories. This timeless piece gives a sense of strength and character. All that remains is to choose the bow that suits us best.

Silk blouse, Gucci

Printed skirt, Prada

Satin tunic, Zadig & Voltaire

Long dress, Longchamp

Tunic, Weekend Max Mara