Jackson Wang pour Cartier ©Cartier
11 May 2021

The timeless bracelet for men

Today, men’s jewelry is exposed through full-fledged lines, between ostentatious pieces and minimalist designs. And if there is one piece that the great houses have seized, it is the bracelet. Let’s zoom in on this essential part of the men’s jewelry wardrobe.

by Juliette Weiss


The past testifies to an obvious infatuation of the male sex for ornaments and other adornments.
Indeed, for thousands of years, from antiquity to the Renaissance through the Middle Ages, men have worn jewelry and (sometimes even more than women) to affirm their social status.

The first ornaments can be found as early as the Stone Age. At that time, they were natural elements such as bones, fangs or claws, but already, these attributes represented the status of the owner and served as protective amulets.
Later, during the ancient Egypt, these amulets became essential: from the richest to the poorest, they are worn as ornaments, whether they are precious or more modest, they are always loaded with value and beliefs. The fashion is to opulence, men and women (who have the means) wear jewelry made of gold, silver, copper or earthenware, lapis lazuli encrusted with precious stones or colored glass paste. The jewels of ancient Egypt already showed a perfect mastery of goldsmithing.
During the Roman period, there was a trend towards breastplates and honorary jewelry, such as bracelets dedicated to soldiers and centurions. Made of bronze, amber, iron or ivory, they were worn on the wrist to show their power and a deserved reward.  
In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, jewels are mostly decorated with religious subjects, whether painted enamel pieces or jewels with original shapes and composed of baroque pearls (very common at the time)

Current trend & mythical pieces

Although the time when these symbols charged in representation has changed well, according to an Opinion Way for Bijorca (2018), more than one in two men say they buy and wear jewelry. Today the trend oscillates between minimalist forms marked by sobriety and historical reinterpretations with various styles and meanings. So, let’s take a look at the most famous brands and their masculine interpretations, as desirable as timeless.

Saint Laurent

Designed by Hedi Slimane, men’s jewelry has a big place in the house’s universe. Promoting freedom and going beyond the limits of gender, we discover them in a Summer version with shell charms or more raw with mesh bracelets and latches. To stay in a half measure we choose for example a black monogrammed model with discreet lettering that underlines the refined (and affirmed) side.


©Saint Laurent



Conceived in the 70’s in New York, the Just a Nail collection is the reflection of a festive and free time. An incredible detour of objects that transcends the ordinary and highlights the preciousness of things. With its sober, radical lines, in pink, yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds, it is a sure value and a powerful heritage.



Known for its emblematic creations, it is this time with the Serpenti Viper bracelet that the Roman house takes us into a whirlwind of symbols, between Greek and Roman mythology. Synonymous with wisdom, vitality and seduction, the snake is worked here between curved spirals and undulations that perfectly fit the wrist.



Jacquie Aiche 

©Jacquie Aiche

Californian designer famous for her 100% good vibes creations, it is today with her first men’s collection that Jacquie Aiche revisits her love of the wild aesthetic.
If Rihanna and Gigi Hadid swear by her, Jaquie Aiche has also thought of men. With the Ja men line, we discover Native American turquoise, hammered gold in cuffs, or simple but precious rows of pearls. Attention, must have.



The French house puts its mastery of leather at the service of detail with a line of bracelets as varied as they are timeless. We adopt without hesitation the Glénant model with a double turn, braided in Swift calfskin. Adorned with the iconic clasp, it dresses the wrist with delicacy and elegance. And if you want to assert your style, choose it in a bold color like electric blue or bright yellow, perfect for summer.



Opyum leather bracelet, Saint Laurent

Juste un Clou bracelet, Cartier

Serpenti Viper bracelet,Bvlgari

Turquoise stone bracelet, Jacquie Aiche

Glénan bracelet, Hermès