22 March 2022

Restaurant Magdalena in Rickenbach and its Chef Dominik Hartmann

by Laëtitia Cadiou

His recipe Parsnips in Millefeuilles

In the heart of the village of Rickenbach, the Magdalena restaurant opened its doors in 2020. An imposing building dating back to 1326 houses today a place with a discreet charm, with a zen and minimalist decoration, there is an atmosphere cradled between tradition and modernity. A first surprise with a bay window offering a splendid view of Mount Rigi and Lake Lauerz, for the rest, we bow to the kitchen of Chef Dominik Hartmann. 

This native of the country first learned pastry and confectionery to add cooking. It is with great chefs such as Andreas Caminada and Fabian Fuchs that he was able to develop his technique.

©Restaurant Magdalena

He proposes a current and inventive cuisine with a strong vegetarian tendency, he likes above all the taste, which he looks for in the regional flavors. Dominik Hartmann and all his team already receive the most beautiful culinary criticisms: in 2021 they obtain 15 points by the GaultMillau and discovery of the year, then the Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant two Michelin stars, a consecration for this young Chef of hardly 30 years. Have a good tasting!

Parsnips Millefeuilles

Sauerkraut with white butter:

20g of butter
100g of shallots
5 white peppers
350ml of vegetable stock
100ml white wine
200ml of Noilly Prat
100ml of white port
80ml of Cognac
100ml Dashi mushrooms
300ml sauerkraut juice
20ml lemon juice
30g of kimchi

Cutting of parsnips:

  • 200g of parsnips
  • 200g of butter
  • 10g aromatic herbs of your choice
  • 3g of garlic Salt Pepper 

To serve:

  • Kimchi
  • Cabbage Relish 
  • Oatmeal Crumble 
  • Parsnip Straw
  • Parsnip Powder 
©Restaurant Magdalena


Parsnip Millefeuilles

Peel the parsnips and slice them thinly and as evenly as possible. Place parsnip slices in a bowl of cold water and rinse thoroughly to remove starch. Melt the butter and add the herbs and garlic, salt and pepper. Alternate the butter mixture with the parsnip slices in a frying pan or pan. Cook the parsnips millefeuilles at 175 degrees Celsius in a revolving oven. Check after 30 minutes to see if they are already tender, if not put them back in the oven. Let it cool down when you take it out of the oven and cut it into pieces. Reheat in the oven at the same temperature. 

White butter 

Coarsely chop shallots and fry in a little butter, deglaze with alcohol and reduce. Pour in the sauerkraut stock and juice, add the kimchi and dashi and reduce to about 300 ml, pass through a fine sieve. Stir in remaining butter. Season with a little salt and lemon. 


Sprinkle the slice with fleur de sel and spread the relish over it. Spread the crumble and kimchi on top and place on a plate. Finish with the straw and the powder. Pour the white butter and drizzle it over the top.

Restaurant Magdalena
Rickenbachstrasse 127
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