26 December 2023

Restaurant La Dispensa – Chef Gerardo Metta’s recipe

by Redaction NOW Village

His recipe for gorgonzola, beet, walnut and cinnamon risotto

At the heart of the culinary adventure at La Dispensa in Neuchâtel lies an unshakeable passion for Italian gastronomy. It was a love of tradition that inspired owner Pina Gioia to bring this unique address to life.

As for her chef, he hails from the Puglia region of Italy. Gerardo Metta took his first steps in Italian cuisine at an early age. His career took him to renowned kitchens across Italy, where he perfected his skills and won his first star.

In 2022, Michelin-starred chef Gerardo Metta joined forces with Pina to share their passion for gastronomy. An Italian culinary offering, sublimated and modernised as well as some great more classic dishes to satisfy as many people as possible.

At La Dispensa, it’s not just the food that transports the senses, it’s the whole experience that takes diners on a delicious journey. The warm, relaxed, family atmosphere that reigns in this restaurant gives every visitor the pleasant sensation of sitting down at the table of an authentic Italian restaurant to experience the “dolce vita”.

Join us at La Dispensa for an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will awaken all your senses and leave you with memories to cherish.

Many thanks to Chef Gerardo Metta for his risotto recipe

Restaurant La Dispensa
Restaurant La Dispensa

Risotto gorgonzola, betterave rouge, noix et cannelle

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 400 gr Carnaroli rice
  • 60 gr Butter
  • 100 gr DOP Parmesan
  • 60 gr Onions
  • 10 cl Olive oil
  • 1 Poultry broth
  • 100 cl Milk
  • 8 gr cinnamon
  • 10 gr sugar
  • 125 ml Fresh cream
  • 70 gr Fromage gorgonzola PDO
  • 30 gr Parmesan
  • Salt
  • Ground pepper

Using an extractor, extract the juice from two beet and set aside in the fridge.

  • Walnuts
  • Decorative herbs
Restaurant La Dipensa La recette du Chef Gerardo Metta


In a Thermomix, heat the cream to 85 degrees. When hot, add the Gorgonzola cheese, Parmesan, salt and pepper. The fondue is ready when its consistency is no longer lumpy.

Heat the stock and keep warm to moisten the risotto. In a large frying pan, sauté the diced onions and rice in olive oil over low heat. When the rice becomes translucent, add the white wine. When the white wine is absorbed, add the first ladleful of stock and continue cooking until the rice is cooked (+/- 13 minutes for al dente). Taste to check, then divide the risotto in two and add the beet juice to one side and the Gorgonzola fondue to the other, leaving to cook for a further 2 minutes. When the risotto is cooked, remove from the pan and sauté the risotto with the Parmesan cheese until bound.

Season with salt and pepper if necessary. Let stand for 2 minutes and serve, topped with the walnuts and cinnamon emulsion prepared with a blender (the milk will have been slightly heated to +/- 55 degrees).

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