11 February 2022

Chef Cédric Bourassin’s recipe – Restaurant Le Berceau Des Sens

by Laëtitia Cadiou

His recipe for pan-fried foie gras, butternut and hazelnut, quince vinegar

Le Berceau Des Sens, what a perfect name to illustrate the gastronomic restaurant of EHL Hospitality Business School, founded in 1893 as the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, where future managers are trained to guide them towards excellence. The cuisine is creative and delicate, with the aim of making all our senses throb. The emphasis is on seasonal products, some of which are grown just a stone’s throw from the kitchen, and exceptional products from the region, guaranteeing respect for the short circuit. The place is very pleasant with a warm decor, a thoughtful welcome where the notion of travel is omnipresent. A sensory journey, declined at each step, it must be said that the Chef Cédric Bourassin has officiated in prestigious culinary addresses around the world, he now distills his inspiration with his students from around the world.

Etudiants culinaires à EHL Hospitality Business School de Lausanne
©Le Berceau des Sens

Cédric Bourassin, originally from Burgundy, has worked with some of the greatest names in haute cuisine, such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Michel Portos and the Pourcel brothers, but it was the Bras family in Laguiole that offered him his greatest adventure with the Michel Bras “TOYA” restaurant in Japan, where he was awarded 3 Michelin stars. Together with his team, the Chef won a Michelin star for the Berceau des Sens and a 16/20 rating from Gault et Millau, a first for an educational restaurant!

Intérieur du restaurant Le Berceau des Sens, EHL Hospitality Business School
©Le Berceau des Sens

Chef Cédric Bourassin and his team share with NOW their recipe for a gourmet and refined dish!

Ingredients for 10 people
Slices of fried foie gras, butternut and hazelnut, quince vinegar

  • 10 units of Mitteault foie gras cutlets
  • 1kg butternut
  • Hazelnut oil PM
  • 30g of Muscat hamburg grapes
  • 200g of whole hazelnuts agri montana
  • 100g of Mizuma shoots


  • 500g of quince vinegar
  • 30g of spice powder
Recette Tranche de foie gras poêlée, butternut et noisette, vinaigre de coing par Le Berceau des Sens
©Le Berceau des Sens


  • Vacuum cook the diced butternut with 10% of its weight in hazelnut oil and 1% in salt.
  • Bind the vinegar when cold and pipette.
  • Cut the butternut “spaghetti” (when serving: season and add hazelnut oil).
  • Cooking the foie gras: Brown both sides of the foie gras and cook on a grill for 12 minutes at 115°c and 20% humidity. Add 2 or 3 minutes if necessary.

Le Berceau des Sens
Route de Cojonnex 18
CH-1000 Lausanne