06 July 2021

Gentleman’s Club: sweatpants in the spotlight

by Maria José Aguilar Soriano

The jogging suit; the best fashion ally to feel comfortable and trendy. Gentlemen, it’s up to you to adopt the trend!

The jogging is back! Trendy, versatile and even sophisticated the jogging, also called sweatpants or training has become essential. This garment with the spirit of the 90’s has long been out of fashion and has taken its letters of nobility thanks to the music stars. The confinement has accentuated the coolness of jogging that we see worn today with a wide variety of looks and accessories. Focus on the jogging, star of the season.

The spring/summer 2021 men’s fashion collections come to the rescue of those who don’t want to give up the comfort of loungewear. The big sportswear brands are always at the center of the sweatpants trend, but this time it’s the big ready-to-wear houses that are taking over the trend. We have spotted the trend at Balenciaga, Celine, Prada or Isabel Marant for their spring-summer 2021 show.

©Hugo Boss

On the runway

This year, men’s fashion openly declares its preference for loose and comfortable clothing. Even better if they are made of light and summery fabrics, such as cotton and linen.
The design of the sweatpants from the Balenciaga SS21 collection is inspired by the acetate tracksuits of the 90s. The colorful panel construction and oversized silhouette highlight references to the younger generation, or the Tik Tok generation. The men’s sweatpants from the Dolce & Gabbana collection features prints inspired by the treasures of southern Italy. Statues, busts and Greco-Roman buildings are reproduced like postcards to celebrate the artistic heritage of this beautiful country. As for the Prada sweatpants, they are classic and elegant, with the refined detail of the flap to cover the zipper and the pleats on the front.

NOW has a few ideas on how to adopt this trend, and you should shop as soon as possible!

How to wear it?

Stylish at the office

Who says sweatpants aren’t made for the office? Go for the most comfortable office look but without forgetting to stay stylish! For this we look for a linen blazer and finish the look with lace-up sneakers. What if sweatpants became the new work suit?

Relaxed weekend

For a casual and easy weekend look, we complete the sweatpants outfit with a simple t-shirt, a sweater on the shoulders and accessorize with Rayban glasses, some bracelets in the hand to complete this look and it’s done!

Denim, denim, denim !

The combination that works every time is the denim jacket that, associated with sweatpants, brings structure to your look while keeping the relaxed side. The perfect outfit for an active day.

Keep cool

Pairing a soft, comfortable sweatpants with a rugged leather jacket creates a contemporary and very masculine look. For a bold, casual look, pair a biker jacket with sweatpants. Dark colors are also preferred for a 100% cool and trendy style.

So, gentlemen, are you won over by sweatoants? How are you going to wear them?
Head to our darling boutiques and brands for a flawless sweatpants look 😉

Blue sweatpants, Bally

Grey sweatpants, KUNA

Light blue sweatpants, Paul Smith

Mutlicolored sweatpants, Hugo Boss

Green sweatpants, Lacoste

Black sweatpants, Prada

White sweatpants, Massimo Dutti