01 February 2023

Alpaca and cashmere, the softness of sustainable fibers

by Maria José Aguilar Soriano

©Eric Bompard

The most precious natural fibers in the world, adulated by fashion designers, for our greatest comfort.

Alpaca is fast becoming one of the best known sustainable fibers on the planet. Peru is the world’s largest exporter and producer of alpaca, and its history dates back to the Incas, who revered its magical characteristics.
We love this fiber for the colder winter months because of its softness to the touch and its versatility: it doesn’t shrink or pilling with proper care, it’s hypoallergenic and water resistant. Alpaca absorbs minimal moisture from the environment and is thermally insulating, making it ideal for winter wear. Of all the natural fibers, it offers the greatest diversity of natural colors.

©KUNA ©Ralph Lauren

Cashmere, on the other hand, is one of the rarest and most valuable fibers in the world. This silky fabric is said to be three times warmer than wool and is known for its durability. Cashmere comes from goats, not sheep. Like alpaca, it is a natural fiber that degrades naturally.

KUNA, one of our favorite brands contributing to a more sustainable fashion environment, presents collections created from natural, raw alpaca fibers, depicting a unique and captivating contemporary style. Their goal is to move towards a more conscious and responsible fashion industry that contributes to a new lifestyle.

Monochromatic red :

With the holidays approaching, we’re opting for a sophisticated head-to-toe red look to spice up the cold days! The most important thing to remember when pairing pieces of the same hue is to mix textures. It adds dimension, intrigue and, perhaps most importantly, it makes the whole look feel put together.

Weekend fashion:

A gray cashmere midi dress is a MUST for fall days! It’s such a versatile piece that when paired with comfy sneakers makes for a very simple but cool casual winter look! We suggest opting for basic or neutral colors to make it more compatible and avoid patterns, prints and logos.

Glamorous winter days:


Wearing a trendy cape is the best way to show your chic style in winter. This fashion accessory is versatile and ubiquitous. There are plenty of awesome styles, colors and prints that can easily turn heads on the street or wherever you go. We love ponchos as a statement piece that makes the whole look, like Kuna’s “CAPA GRUN”, a baby Alpaca and wool blend.

So which of these materials will you adopt? And why not both 😉

Long cashmere dress,
Eric Bompard

Cape UXA,

Wool and cashmere cable sweater, Ralph Lauren

Tentacion orange scarf,

Sugar Queen Dress,
Max & Me

Slim-fit cashmere turtleneck sweater,
Ralph Lauren

Cape Grun,

Short skirt jacquard tartan,
Eric Bompard