14 May 2024

The book of the month – La femme canon by Albertine and Germano Zullo

by Redaction NOW Village

La Femme Canon, Albertine’s first comic strip scripted by Germano Zullo, tells an archetypal love story.

In a metaphor for a passion that never renews itself, the man and woman cannon travel from village to village, grilling gunpowder to the amazement of onlookers. With each flight, the show is repeated with emphasis, money pours in and the femme canon is projected for miles around. Every evening, as she walks back to her caravan, her man waits lovingly for her and cooks up a plate of spaghetti pomodoro. A photo hangs on the wall: the femme canon blushes with emotion, the happiness seems made to last.

One evening during a popular festival, as a new couple is forming not far from their caravan, the femme canon asks her man: “Tomorrow, you’ll put less powder in the gun. Agreed?”.

La femme canon
Excerpt from La Femme Canon

The next day (months later?), the femme canon doesn’t return. Her show costume lies somewhere in the forest under the stormy gaze of an owl. For the man, the experience of loneliness, absence, incomprehension and delirium begins, while rumor has it that a local butcher kidnaps women to eat them…

Trailer for la Femme Canon, animated short, co-directed by Albertine and David Toutevoix, adapted from the screenplay of the book

« La femme canon » by Albertine and Germano Zullo, Hélice Hélas Editeur

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La femme canon couverture

La femme canon
Albertine and Germano Zullo
Hélice Hélas Editeur