15 May 2024

Denim Trend, the must-haves

by Laëtitia Cadiou

Yes, denim is timeless! Shirts, trench coats, accessories, denim: just a few ideas to get you looking your best.

Denim is everywhere: on the catwalks and, above all, on the streets, bringing with it a wave of timeless, casual style. From classic jeans to bold accessories, here’s a look at the essential pieces to adopt to be at the cutting edge of fashion this season.

1. Flare jeans: Reminiscent of the 70s, flare jeans are back with a vengeance this summer. With a flared cut that elongates the silhouette, they’re perfect for a retro-chic look. Pair them with a crop top or knotted shirt for a casual summer look.


2. The Oversized Denim Jacket: Lightweight and versatile, the oversized denim jacket is a must-have this season. Wear it over a lightweight dress for a casual look, or pair it with denim pants for an eye-catching denim total look.

3. The Denim Raincoat: A surprising newcomer this season, the denim raincoat brings a modern touch to the classic denim trend. Perfect for rainy summer days, it combines style and functionality for a trendy urban look, even in the rain.

All Mankind ⏐ Hugo Boss ⏐ Maxmara

4. The denim shirt: A versatile piece par excellence, the denim shirt is a must-have for every summer wardrobe. Wear it buttoned all the way up and tucked into a flowing skirt for a bohemian look, or leave it open over a colorful top for a more casual look.

5. Frayed shorts: Ideal for sunny days, frayed denim shorts are a summer essential. Pair them with a flowing tank top and platform sandals for a casual summer look, or wear them with an oversized blazer for a bold contrast.

Short Levi’s | Shirt Ralph Lauren | Video Levi’s | Set COS

6. All-denim accessories: For a subtly trendy look, opt for denim accessories. From handbags and shoes to hats and belts, denim comes in an infinite number of variations to accessorize your summer outfits with style.

Isabelle Marant
Roger Vivier
Roger Vivier