19 December 2023

The book of the month – Matlosa by Daniel Maggetti

by Redaction NOW Village

Matlosa at Editions ZOE: A Novel of Exile and Sublime Identity

In the picturesque Swiss-Italian village where the enigmatic Cecchino arrives with his son in the early 1930s, anyone whose origins are unknown is branded a “matlosa”. For Cecchino, a Lombard coalminer on the run from Fascism in Italy, exile represents a blank page to be written, a space of opportunity to be seized. For his wife Rosa, on the other hand, the horizon is darkened by the uncertainties inherent in this new life. As for Irma, their teenage daughter, she quickly integrates into the valleys that welcome her, adopting the local accent with ease.

Daniel Maggetti, drawing his inspiration from the lives of his grandparents and his mother, embarks on a profound reflection on belonging and identity, exploring their reality and their intermittencies. Through a narrative that skilfully blends official sources and conjecture, the author weaves a taut narrative, imbued with a mischievous, erudite and highly poetic language.

“Matlosa” is a spellbinding meditation on how exile shapes and transforms individuals, families and communities. The story of Cecchino and his family becomes a mirror of the universal experience of those who have had to leave their homeland for unknown horizons. Maggetti engages in a meticulous exploration of the human psyche, revealing the complexities of a constantly evolving identity. Her story transcends mere historical context to become a timeless reflection on the notions of home, homeland, and how individuals forge an identity over time.

Maggetti’s writing is a literary tour de force in itself. Her prose is rich in subtlety, rising above the mundane to achieve a profound poetry that lulls the reader to sleep on every page. The author manages to capture the very essence of the human soul, while inserting touches of erudition that add an extra layer of depth to her tale. In conclusion, ‘Matlosa’ is much more than a simple novel of exile; it is a work of rare literary beauty that invites readers to ponder the universal themes of identity, resilience and the meaning of home. With his exceptional pen and profound reflection, Daniel Maggetti offers us a literary gem that richly deserves to be discovered and savoured.

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Matlosa de Daniel Maggetti

Daniel Maggetti