04 May 2021

Books – A selection for our moms

by Laëtitia Cadiou

Let’s celebrate our moms with a selection of books! Whether they are poetic, fashion fans, business leaders, gourmets or travelers, this year we’re giving moms a message through reading. A nice selection of various books for a moment of sharing that they will love.

Poetic Mom

We found Apollo, a tender and poetic book that underlines the upheavals of beings at the birth of a child. Very nice collection written by the author Mélanie Richoz and illustrated by the mischievous sensitivity of Kotimi, who both succeed in gently inscribing the challenges that the couple and the family can overcome at the arrival of the baby.

Title – Apollo
Author – Mélanie Richoz
Illustrations – Kotimi
Publishing – Slatkine

Fashion Mom

Did you know that the world-famous fashion designer with the romantic life not only lived in Lausanne but also decided to be buried there. 50 years after her death, journalist Marie Fert investigated to bring us new information on the story of her years of exile in Switzerland.

Book – Gabrielle Chanel, les années d’exil
Author – Marie Fert
Editions – Slatkine

Entrepreneurial Mom

Many are those who are starting out… And many are those who wonder: is it possible to reconcile professional life and family life? Does choosing one mean sacrificing the other? Faced with these questions, it sometimes seems difficult to take the step. Marine André, the author, proposes to guide women who hesitate. She addresses both mothers who have a personal project and women entrepreneurs who want to have children. The author delivers a concrete and positive testimony: being a mother entrepreneur is completely possible, here is how! She did it… so why not you?

Book – Entrepreneur and mother
Author – Marine André
Editions – Mardaga

Gourmet Mom

What better statement to make to your mom than to ask her to bake a nice cake. Here is a book that should make her task easier!  65 recipes, all classics that will have titillated our taste buds and lulled our childhood: marbled, pound cake, yogurt cakes or rolled cakes. An illustrated summary that will help enchant tea parties or birthday celebrations. Thank you, Mom!

Book – Mom’s cakes
Author – Aurélie Desgages
Editions – Hachette Pratique

Travelling Mom

This book, published in 2015, is a beautiful reedition that takes us on a journey and promises us the most beautiful walks in French-speaking Switzerland. We find famous places, others unknown and idyllic addresses. You can learn about the architecture, history and anecdotes of original heritage sites. You will discover many fun activities such as treasure hunts and unusual sports activities such as a Mongolian camel ride or a husky bike ride. Finally, charming terraces and gourmet stops where you can quench your thirst and eat after all these explorations.

Book – Places you must see in French-speaking Switzerland
Collective in the collection Guide Favre
Editions – Favre SA