07 May 2021

A 100% vegan skin care routine

Vegan cosmetics are not only a new beauty trend but a real awareness. Focus on the top vegan face care products.

by Laetitia Socquet

Vegan cosmetics do not contain any materials of animal origin and therefore no ingredients tested on animals. Without beeswax, honey or milk, here is the selection by NOW of 5 vegan skin care brands, available near you and at reasonable prices. You’ll love the green beauty!

Senshâ at Béa Boutique – organic, natural and vegan moisturizers

What would a skin care routine be without its moisturizing creams? The creator of Béa Boutique puts all her heart into the selection of natural, organic and Swiss products. The active agents of each product are also carefully detailed, and we love that!

©NOW Village

The light-textured day cream “Orchidée” from Senshâ is our favorite. It gives radiance to the skin, regulates excess sebum and has a firming effect because it contains wild blue organic algae, a powerful anti-wrinkle. It is therefore suitable for both young and mature skin!

Did you know? We spend about 24 years and 4 months of our lives sleeping. When we sleep, our skin cells are actively working to repair the damage done during the day. An effective night care product plays an important role in this process, as the skin is particularly receptive to active ingredients during the night. “Hydra Night“, a refreshing gel emulsion, is perfect for your spring nights. It optimizes the hydration of the skin at rest. This cream contains all the active plant ingredients you need. Organic hyaluronic acid is an effective anti-aging agent, lily flower oil works on spots, cucumber extract moisturizes and brightens the complexion and rose oil repairs the skin. Thank you mother nature!

Béa Boutique also offers scrubs, cleansers, eye care, serums, masks and lip balms. To be found in their points of sale in Geneva or online on their website.

BareMinerals – gentle cleaning

Every good skin care routine starts with a skin cleanser. It removes every impurity and prepares your skin for more effectiveness. To do this, bareMinerals offers different types of 100% vegan cleansers adapted to your skin type. To test!

©Bare Minerals

Let’s go for the Pureness Cleansing Gel for sensitive skin. Containing only 15 pure ingredients – 40% less than most cleansers – it gently removes makeup, impurities and excess oil without drying out the skin. Plus, this vegan formula is rich in water and coconut milk to moisturize and soothe the skin.

For oily skin or if you want to tighten your pores, the Clay Cleanser is perfect! Rich in exfoliating superfruits and probiotics, known for their acid and nutrient content, this cleanser purifies and deep cleanses the skin. Its formula with chia seeds reduces excess sebum and shine, for a radiant complexion!

To be found exclusively at Marionnaud.

Caudalie – the new anti-spot radiance serum Vinoperfect


Let’s move on to the serum. Caudalie’s flagship product, the Anti-Spot Radiance Serum with Viniferine – a natural extract of vine sap! It has been reinvented with a new bio-inspired emulsifier. It mimics the layered structure of the skin, which facilitates the penetration of Viniferine, thus optimizing its effectiveness. A new formula that is even more effective, clean and above all, vegan! Apply to all areas exposed to UVA rays: face, neckline, shoulders and hands. Insist especially on the zones prone to the spots of hyperpigmentation.

The magic of this serum? It is effective on young skin for acne scars and also on spots due to sun marks or aging of the skin. Apply morning and night! To optimize its effectiveness, combine this serum with the Glycolic Concentrate Radiance Essence. This will prepare your skin for the benefits of the serum.

Little tip: slip it under your sunscreen for even more protection this summer! Vegan and with 98% of natural ingredients, it is waiting for you.

Available in Caudalie partner pharmacies, Coop City and Globus.

Lavera – illuminate your eyes

Lavera’s skin care is 100% natural, certified, vegan and cruelty-free, at very low prices and close to home. What more could you ask for!


The care that made us eye is without a doubt “Illuminating Eye Cream“.  Its pearly formula subtly covers dark circles and brightens the eye area. This eye cream also contains active anti-aging agents such as hyaluronic acid and organic caffeine, which smooth the complexion and firm the skin. Pearl extract nourishes and illuminates the complexion, for a radiant eye contour!

Little bonus: on their e-shop, Lavera has made a selection of their facial care products according to your skin type: sensitive and dry skin, mixed skin, mature skin or skin with imperfections, you will find products that correspond exactly to your skin type. Find them in Coop stores or e-shop.

Weleda – finish your routine in beauty


Weleda’s natural cosmetics line is a real favorite. It offers 80% organic and vegan cosmetics. They contain precious ingredients such as natural vegetable oils combined with natural essential oils. Their range of care products is not limited to those for the face but extends to the whole body with a selection by skin type or desired effect.

For an even more targeted eye care, the Weleda eye contour firming care firms and regenerates this sensitive area. Formulated with organic pomegranate extract, it deeply moisturizes the skin and fades the first signs of aging and fatigue. The result: a radiant and rested skin!

Finally, there’s nothing better than finishing with a lip balm. This one will give you a feeling of hydration and will complete your facial care routine. Its slightly melting texture moisturizes and protects your lips day and night.

Hydra nuit Senshâ, Béa Boutique

Vinoperfect Anti-Spot Serum, Caudalie

Pureness cleansing gel, Bare Minerals

Illuminating Eye-Cream, Lavera

Skin Food Lip Balm, Weleda

Orchidée Senshâ, Béa Boutique

Poreless Clay Cleanser, Bare Minerals

Eye contour care, Weleda

Vinoperfect Glycolic Radiance Concentrate, Caudalie