13 February 2024

Perfumes, the elixirs of love

by Redaction NOW Village

Liquid Love – Penhaligon’s

New fragrances to give as gifts, spray passion around you

Love, that powerful and enigmatic feeling, has always been closely linked to the art of perfumery. Since ancient times, fragrances have been used to attract, seduce and rekindle the emotions of love. Today, the perfume industry continues to evolve, constantly offering new olfactory creations that captivate the senses and evoke passion. Whether you’re looking for a romantic, sensual or daring fragrance, there’s a modern perfume that will awaken your emotions and rekindle the flame of love.


L’Eau de Parfum H24 Herbes Vives by HERMÈS – Fresh Herbs and Pear

An exceptional olfactory creation that celebrates the beauty of nature in the hectic context of urban life. This fragrance evokes the invigorating feeling you get when fresh rain has just soothed the heat of the city. It brilliantly blends the freshness of a bouquet of fresh herbs with the delicacy of granulated pear, adding a touch of modernity with the high-tech molecule Physcool®. The bottle, designed by Philippe Mouquet, embodies minimalist elegance and sobriety, while its environmental commitment, with 15% recycled glass and a box made from recycled paper pulp, makes it a creation that is both refined and respectful of the planet.

Perfumes elixirs of love Hermès
L’Eau de Parfum H24 Herbes Vives – Hermès
Perfumes elixirs of love Tom Ford
Oud Minerale – Tom Ford

Tom Ford – Oud Minerale: Oud and marine notes

Oud Minerale fuses rich oud notes with refreshing oceanic minerality. a rush of smoky woods embraces sensual, skin-gripping musks for a contrasting fusion of elements. the warmth of the oud is lifted by a wave of fresh pink pepper, while fir balsam and ambergris balance earthy and marine inflections.

Penhaligon’s – Eau de Parfum Liquid Love : Rose, ginger

Penhaligon’s has distilled a potion of equal parts passion and desire, a floral and spicy fragrance with a touch of rose and a hint of ginger to spice things up. A passionate eau de parfum to set hearts racing. Spicy scents of pink pepper, ginger and turmeric combine with chilli and musk to form a fiery embrace.

Perfumes elixirs of love Penhaligon's
Liquid Love – Penhaligon’s


Le Parfum Bridal Eau de Parfum by ELIE SAAB: citrus, vanilla and musk

Le Parfum Bridal Eau de Parfum by ELIE SAAB: citrus, vanilla and musk
The very essence of beauty and elegance is captured in Le Parfum Bridal by Elie Saab. Designed for memorable moments, it embodies perfect harmony, a true celebration of love and femininity. This exquisite fragrance opens with a luminous note of mandarin essence and orange blossom, evolving into a sumptuous heart of Madagascar vanilla, ylang-ylang essence and gardenia, and concluding with notes of musk, Sumatran benzoin and ambroxan. Each element of this fragrance embodies the evolution of a romance. The bottle, a true visual jewel, recalls the sparkle of the sequins on the brand’s emblematic dresses.

Perfumes elixirs of love Elie Saab
Le Parfum Bridal – Elie Saab

Dolce&Gabbana Devotion Eau de Parfum: Lemon and Vanilla

Devotion Eau de Parfum by Dolce&Gabbana is an original essence dedicated to the emblem of the Sacred Heart. This seductive fragrance combines luminous notes of candied lemon with the radiant freshness of orange blossom, blending into a warm, sensual touch of vanilla at the base. The bottle, sublimated by the chiselling of the Sacred Heart, evokes love in all its forms, creating an enchanting sensory experience.

Perfumes elixirs of love DolceGabbana
Eau de Parfum Devotion – Parfum Dolce&Gabbana

Elixir Eau de Parfum by ELIE SAAB: Neroli and mandarin orange

An exceptional olfactory creation, a veritable love potion radiating sensuality. The luminous notes of orange blossom, neroli and mandarin instantly evoke the warmth of the sun, while the floral bouquet of iris, luminous neroli and mandarin, warmed by a carnal accord of amber and balmy tones, creates an irresistible trail. The bottle, a precious faceted sphere, elegantly embodies the essence of the fragrance. Elixir d’Elie Saab celebrates femininity in all its diversity, a sensory experience that unites grace, attachment and passion, enveloping every moment in an aura of pure emotion.

Perfumes elixirs of love Elie Saab
Eau de Parfum Elixir – Elie Saab
Perfumes elixirs of love Givenchy
Irresistible Very Floral – Givenchy

Irresistible Very Floral, Eau de parfum by Givenchy: Absolute Rose and White Flowers

The perfumery expertise of the House of Givenchy combines Rose Centifolia with Rose Essential, an intense duo of bewitching rose flowers. This signature duo tames a white floral bouquet with sunny, radiant notes of Concrète d’Iris, Ylang-Ylang and Absolue de Jasmin Sambac. The fragrance reveals the surprising and daring contrast between the bright, colourful facets of Blackcurrant Bud and the unexpected freshness of Coconut Water.

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