20 February 2024

Ski 2024: Trends for the slopes

by Redaction NOW Village

Bogner ⏐ Collection Ski 23

At the height of the winter season, ski and fashion enthusiasts set out to conquer the snowy slopes. Look, hi-tech or eco-responsible, there’s a style for everyone

1. Cutting-edge technology, incomparable style

Leading brands are revolutionizing the world of skiing with cutting-edge technologies integrated into breathtaking designs. Jackets and pants equipped with breathable waterproof membranes, sealed seams and intelligent ventilation systems guarantee optimum protection against the elements while ensuring optimal thermal regulation. Lightweight, stretchable materials offer total freedom of movement, essential for hurtling down the slopes with ease. We salute the exclusive collaboration between the Descente brand and our Swiss alpine ski champion, Marco Odermatt.

Descente X Marco Odermatt Limited Collection

2. Eco-responsible capsules: for sustainable skiing

Ecological awareness is at the heart of modern skiers’ concerns. A number of brands are now offering specially designed capsules with sustainability in mind. Made from recycled and organic materials, these garments guarantee a reduced ecological footprint while preserving technical performance. From recycled polyester to natural merino wool insulation, these eco-responsible collections prove that it’s possible to combine style and respect for the environment on the slopes. The Picture Organic Clothing brand is exemplary throughout its production chain, and a pioneer in the traceability of its suppliers.

Picture Organic clothing

3. Bold designs and vibrant colors

Gone are the dull, monotonous outfits; the trend is for bold designs and bright colors. From graphic prints and geometric patterns to bright, luminous shades, skiers are showing their personalities with outfits that won’t go unnoticed. Collaborations between brands and artists give rise to unique collections, where art and fashion meet to create truly original pieces.

Skiwear ⏐Fendi

Collection Ski ⏐ Bogner

Fusalp X Pucci



Capsule Ski ⏐Loro Piana

4. High-tech accessories for an immersive skiing experience

In addition to outfits, accessories play a crucial role in the skiing experience. The Botteroski augmented reality goggle offers innovative features such as GPS navigation, real-time performance data and even augmented reality videos to relive your most memorable runs. Therm-IC branded heated gloves with rechargeable batteries ensure warm hands even in freezing weather, while Sidas smart socks offer optimum comfort and precise thermal regulation.

Capsule Ski Loro Piana