26 January 2021

Birthstones give you their horoscope!

by Redaction NOW Village


This new year opens the doors of the mysterious birthstone sanctuary.  From garnet to turquoise, here, each stone is a shape, a hue and a virtue that can correspond to each one. Open your eyes wide and let the stones tell your story!

Since the dawn of time, gemstones have fascinated and intrigued. They have been attributed with powers, symbols, and even good-luck charm virtues. The origin of birthstones is rooted in the idea that each of these stones is associated with a sign of the zodiac. Thus, each month of the year is linked to a gem with specific characteristics. At the dawn of the new year 2021, we invite you to discover a unique horoscope under the sign of jewelry. What is your gemstone?

January & Garnet

The year begins with an anchor stone in a flamboyant red color. Symbol of truth and fidelity, the garnet brings self-confidence, willpower and success to the wearer. Ideal to start the year, this energetic January gem will lead you to success. Named in reference to the pomegranate, this stone was often used in the Middle Ages to preserve itself from poison and to ward off nightmares.
There are several kinds of garnets with green (tsavorite), dark pink (rhodolite) or brown with orange shades.
Garnet is associated with the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

February & Amethyst

Nothing like a pinch of amethyst to move forward with clear-sightedness, serenity and physical well-being. True source of appeasement, having Amethyst near you stimulates creativity, soothes and helps you gain in concentration. It is as effective when used as jewelry as it is when used as an accessory. Coming from the Greek “Amethystos” meaning sobriety, it protects from drunkenness and represents an excellent barrier against addictions (smoke, alcohol…). The Romans used to drink from amethyst cups in order not to get lost in drunkenness. Known for its elegance, this stone has a wide range of purple intensity which makes it a jewel of choice found in many jewelers.
Amethyst is associated with the signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

March & Aquamarine

March announces the entry into spring with this gemstone in the colors of the different shades of the ocean. Synonymous with perseverance, innocence, youth and fidelity, it is a stone often intended for the bride and groom to ensure longevity for the couple. It also acts strongly on intuition.
According to legend, aquamarine is the stone that sailors used to protect themselves from the wrath of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, during their travels. Like the ocean, Aquamarine has a wide range of colors from turquoise, to pastel blue, sometimes green, to an intense dark blue. Aquamarine is associated with the signs of Pisces and Aries.

April & Diamond

We no longer present the mythical diamond, a gem present in the majority of jewellers’ creations. Because of its unalterable composition, the diamond is the perfect illustration of peace and purity. It also symbolizes eternal love, which is why it is the main ornament of engagement rings. This stone was often used as a talisman because its purity had the reputation of scaring away evil spirits. The diamond is known for its brilliant white color, but can vary to many shades even to black! The diamond is associated with the signs of Aries and Taurus.

May & Emerald

Here is the month of May and its green emerald. Of a bright green and known to all, the emerald designates rebirth, hope and aestheticism. Described as “the stone of knowledge”, it calls for divination. The emerald also plays an essential role in the good communication of a group and favours the relationship with the child. It is a very human and optimistic energy. This stone would have been Cleopatra’s favorite ornament which amplified its beauty. The sovereign also used to distribute her portrait carved in emerald to her most prestigious guests. Emerald is a stone of exclusively green colors with sometimes a few shades. Emerald is associated with the signs of Taurus and Gemini.

June & Pearl

Summer is slowly settling in and June is there to remind us of it with a gem as elegant as it is unavoidable: the pearl. We thus evoke a soft and feminine stone, representative of modesty. It is a gem known for its decalcification and relaxation virtues. It would also have an aphrodisiac side and would influence fertility. Treasure of the seas, tears of Aphrodite… For millennia, the pearl is a jewel whose mythological dimension is an integral part of its composition. The gem has been used since antiquity in ornaments, but also for talismans to attract divine grace.
The pearl is known for its white color and shades of beige, gray, but also green and blue reflections. We also find the black pearl. The pearl is associated with the signs of Gemini and Cancer.

July & Ruby

The warmth of July could not be better represented than with this fire-colored gemstone. Ruby is a gemstone that evokes the most intense emotions. A perfect allegory of passion and carnal love, ruby is also a symbol of strength and attracts happiness. It is an ideal stone for building self-confidence, but will also go perfectly with strong personalities. Moreover, it would bring happiness! In the past, ruby reflected power and royalty, which is why it was often found on armor and certain weapons to ensure victory in battle. It is also regularly found on royal scepters and crowns. Ruby is famous for its flamboyant red color. However, it can also have pink, purple or orange hues.
Ruby is associated with the signs of Cancer and Leo.


August & Peridot

In this middle of summer, the peridot represents a real wind of freshness in the middle of the often overwhelming heat of August. Stone of spirituality, peridot breathes clear vision and invites to meditation. However, it also attracts love and strengthens self-esteem. This gem would also have healing properties on liver and skin problems. In ancient Egypt, the peridot was a true talisman against the bad ones.
Peridot is known for its translucent green color. However, its hues can vary up to forest green. Nevertheless, the lightest shades remain the most appreciated. The peridot is associated with the signs of Leo and Virgo.

September & Sapphire

Pierre de légende que le saphir, cette gemme au bleu éblouissant est le symbole de l’immortalité, de la vérité et la réflexion. Porteuse de sagesse, elle prodiguerait également de grands bienfaits sur le sommeil.
In Greek and Roman legends, sapphire was the stone of truth. This gem also had a strong religious connotation in the following centuries because of its color reminiscent of the sky. Adored for its velvety blue color, sapphire can also come in pink, violet, and even yellow. This leaves a wide range of choices for adornments all brighter than each other. Peridot is associated with the signs of Virgo and Libra.

October & Tourmaline

The month of sapphire is coming to an end, giving way to a more sober stone for this month of October. Tourmaline represents the anchorage to the earth and is a real protection against harmful energies. It is a gem synonymous with innocence, creativity and hope. It would also have virtues of appeasing muscles and anxieties. Tourmaline was the fetish stone of the Chinese empress Tzu Hsi for its fineness and its protective power. At her death, the empress will be buried on a bed of tourmaline.
While the most famous color of tourmaline is pale pink, the stone can take on many different hues, from turquoise to black to shades of green and yellow. This wide variety of colors has sometimes led to confusion because of the resemblance to other gemstones. Tourmaline is associated with the signs of Libra and Scorpio.

November & Citrine

The joyful and solar stone citrine is the emblem of the month of November, which would have the virtue of amplifying energy and success. It invigorates the body as well as the spirit, allowing to gain in concentration and creativity. It is a good preventive remedy against nervousness and phobias. Citrine thus represents a real breath of joie de vivre. During the inter-war period, citrine enjoyed a real period of popularity in jewelry and in the decorative arts. Several Hollywood stars, Greta Garbo for example, regularly wore citrine adornments. This gem has a beautiful golden yellow color sometimes passing through ochre and orange. However, this luminous color has often been confused with topaz. Citrine is associated with the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

December & Topaz

The year ended on a high note with a month of December under the sign of blue topaz. A true personalization of winter, this gem is an obvious reminder of the glaciers and snowy landscapes that populate the last month of the year. It is a gem linked to the imagination, known to stimulate artistic and intellectual capacities. It also allows a regulation of moods to end the year with serenity and stability.
The Ural Mountains represented one of the largest deposits of topaz. As a result, topaz was originally intended exclusively for the Tsar and his family. Yellow topaz, which is most often used by jewelers, comes in many other colors such as pink, green, red and purple. It can also be completely colorless!
Blue topaz also has strong similarities with Tanzanite because of its color. Blue topaz is associated with the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

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