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04 January 2022

The MCBA & Plateform 10 – the tribute to Alice Pauli

by Marie Carrecabe

From December 15 to March 3, 2022, find the exhibition of the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts at Platform 10 “Accrochage en l’honneur des 100 ans d’Alice Pauli”.

This exhibition pays tribute to Alice Pauli’s career through her donations to the MCBA. After a career in the watchmaking industry in which she discovered art through her business travels and her meeting with her husband Pierre Pauli, then a graphic designer, Alice Pauli launched her own art gallery in 1962.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne pays tribute to an exceptional woman who strongly supported the creation of the institution’s new building on the Plateforme 10 site, in particular through the donation of major works.

JORN – Alice Pauli PENONE – Alice Pauli NEVELSON – Alice Pauli ©Plateforme 10

This exhibition in honor of Alice Pauli begins in the lobby of the MCBA with the large sculpture Luce e ombra (2011) by Giuseppe Penone. Then, at the beginning of the contemporary art section of the collection, we find her favorite artists, including Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Pierre Soulages and once again Giuseppe Penone, as well as those who have marked the development of the gallery, such as Asger Jorn and Flavio Paolucci.

A true lover of art in all its forms and from all periods, Alice Pauli has been able to get close to new and emerging artists, such as William Kentridge, Rebecca Horn and Anish Kapoor, who can be discovered throughout the rooms, demonstrating her strong interest in sculptural practices.

MCBA Nevelson Kentridge Horn Accrochage – Alice Pauli Penone Accrochage – Alice Pauli ©Plateforme 10

The woman who was a collector before becoming a dealer, declared in 2018 about her donation to the MCBA: “It is essential for me to contribute to a better knowledge of the great names of modern and contemporary art by allowing the public, the widest possible, the confrontation with original works. The notion of sharing is also important. We are only passing through.”

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