The Guide
25 June 2021

Concerné-e-s International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

Exhibition to see and experience at the International Red Cross Museum produced in collaboration with the HEAD-Geneva.

by Patrizia Roncadi

The 30 young artists trained in Geneva, participants or laureates of the Humanity Art Prize, address humanitarian issues through a variety of works. All the works refer to the fundamental purpose of the Red Cross: to put the human being at the center of the action. The title of the exhibition « Concerné-e-s » resonates with the role of the Museum: to affirm the humanitarian activity of the Red Cross and to federate creative forces around the human being.

This deeply ethical and human posture seeks to create a new level of understanding of conflicts. The formulas proposed by the artists bring us closer to reality and the suffering in the world. As visitors, we appropriate the time and the different spaces of the Museum to observe and be moved by this suffering humanity.

©Ciel Grommen – Baekdudaegan, map for a Korean peace park, 2014
©YaceBanKs – “Jigéen Jàmbaar” Women fighters, 2016-2019

The Art Humanity Prize has been in existence since 2015. The field is open to all forms of artistic expression related to humanitarian commitment. In this exhibition, thought as a place of meeting and questioning, we are surprised by the video installations of Dorian Sari “Look”, by the photos of Alicia Dubuis on the taboo of sexuality in women.

Ethical and operational questions, humanitarian and human, at the same time, under the eyes of young artists who alert our sensibilities, engage our reactions and resonate on the centrality of Geneva in its humanitarian mission in the world. What can be the impact of emergency aid in conflicts that have lasted for decades? How to respond to the migration crisis without playing politics? How to help without destroying the economic and social fabric of a country or region? How to prevent sexual violence? How to prevent and alleviate human suffering? So many essential questions, asked here thanks to an artistic reflection associated with the human.

©Fatou Sené The disengagement of parents, 2016
©Eric Mélo Bouessa – Scenes of Life, 2017-2020
©Weissen Maeva – 1213 Onex or the manifesto of a third culture, 2019

Exhibition as “a project conceived on this idea of a community between the Museum and its partners, but also the 30 artists who contribute to the production of this content” as the Director of the Museum and co-curator of the exhibition Pascal Hufschmid says.

Exhibition at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in Geneva
27.04.2021 – 26.09.2021
Curator : Pascal Hufschmid and Julie Enckell Julliard
Works by 30 laureate artists and participants of the Humanity Art Prize of the HEAD-Geneva